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Greetings Casual Runners!

I am stealing the by-line for today’s article because, well, the rest of the CR Team has no idea I am doing this, they will read it when you all do.


You see, tomorrow is a very special day for Casual Runner, as it will be our second anniversary! That’s right, on July 13, 2014, a group of running buddies came together to launch Casual Runner when we published that first article and celebrated Casual Runner’s First Mile. Last year we celebrated our first anniversary with a rundown of the top 10 most read articles from Casual Runner’s first year. That Top 10 rundown is now a CR tradition, and we will be bringing a new list to you tomorrow (so be sure to check back!).

But, before we get there, I wanted to take a moment to take a break from running and celebrate the people who bring you Casual Runner each and every week. These individuals are united by a common love for running and a sense of fun and adventure that is unparalleled among any I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I honestly cannot say enough great things about these people, as they are some of the best, kindest, most interesting people I know.

When we launched Casual Runner, we had no idea what it would be become, but I know that it would not be anywhere near what it is today if not for the spectacular efforts and contributions of these wonderful people. So, while you can check out our Team Bios any time, I wanted you all to get to know these wonderful Casual Runners a little bit more.



You all know Jennifer from her great runDisney, travel, and wine running adventures. But, what you may not know is that Jennifer really is the heart and soul of the Team.  While some of us get easily distracted and caught up pushing ourselves in the pursuit of (sometimes stupid!) new challenges and craziness, Jennifer is the one who is always honest with herself, and remains grounded to run the way that fits her goals, desires, and passions most. She reminds us that the love of running is just that: enjoying running for the sake of running, and running for the enjoyment of the endeavor. We are always appreciative of her and the perspective she shares with us.



Jake came to the Team in a round about way. At first he just read what we all had to say, and then he discovered that he himself had something to say. You see, Jake was the one who came up with the whole CosRunning idea, it was his baby from day 1, and oh how did he ever run with it.  From the moment Jake sat down to type his first CosRunning article, while he did not know it yet, he was really onto something, something big. Jake’s voice, what he had to say, resonated with a large section of the Casual Running community. Because of his efforts, Casual Running is more than an athletic endeavor, it can be a creative and artistic one as well. We have Jake to thank for that.



Steve puts the “Casual” in Casual Runner. When we launched the site, he wanted to be a part of the team, but to be honest, he just didn’t “get” why it was that the rest of us were so obsessed with SMOs and swag, he just wanted to run. We are proud to say that we have brought Steve around (somewhat) on the idea of SMOs, but what has not changed is his relaxed attitude and perspective on running that both sets him a part and makes him a valuable member of the Team.

We are also proud to share that Steve will be the first member of Team Casual Runner to get married during Casual Runner’s existence, as he will be marrying his beautiful bride and fellow Hoya and Casual Runner, Kristie this fall. Congratulations and best of luck to you both!

And yes, I must include what is still my all-time favorite picture of Steve…

Steve Pic D


I want to go on record now as saying every crazy or stupid adventure idea we ever have…is Candace’s fault. Whether it be trying to ride every ride in Walt Disney World in a single day, flying to Florida on a whim to go scuba diving, running an unplanned 5k the day before a half marathonhunting to find little statues in Epcot’s World Showcase, or scuba diving after a half marathon, she makes me do it, and I would not have it any other way.

You all know that I am biased about Candace, but she proves me right. I have always said that running is always better with a running buddy, and I am fortunate enough to have the best running buddy there is. The fact that she is such a valuable contributor and member of the Team is pure icing on the cake.



None of us would be here without Nick. He built from nothing. One day he and I were just chatting, throwing out ideas that eventually became Casual Runner, and he built it.  The design, the logos, everything about Casual Runner is his baby. He is truly an artist and the backbone of this Team.

Speaking of babies…Nick and his wife Brit, celebrated the birth of the first Casual Runner baby as they recently welcomed their beautiful daughter, Olivia Camille. You can read more about Olivia over at Bottles & Banters, and please join the entire Casual Runner Team and Casual Runners everywhere in sharing our most sincere congratulations and best wishes to the new dad, mom, and baby Casual Runner!

Thank you Nick, this adventure would never have gotten out of the starting blocks without, you contribute more than you know each and every day!



Like I said, you could not find a better group of people anywhere to work with. I am honored and proud to call you, not only my Team and my running buddies, but my friends. Thank you all for two amazing years, and here’s to many more wonderful years to come!

CR Reader Map July 2016

A map showing where the readers of Casual Runner call home – come on Greenland & Sub-Saharan Africa – come & join us for some Casual Running!

Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!