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CozyPhones Review and Giveaway

Here at Casual Runner, we get the opportunity to try products from time to time. And sometimes, we accept the opportunity to try products that compete with what we had previously decided were our favorites. You may remember one of my last posts, the 5 Running Items We Love. In it, I mentioned that Yurbuds were my favorite headphones. Well, I am here to admit: I’ve found a competitor in CozyPhones. I know. I know. But read on – I’ll explain everything.

CozyPhones are a combination headband and headphone product. Frankly, at the moment, they’re a bit tough to wear if you don’t head out super early. But I did it just to try them out for you. Sure, it was unbelievably hot now, but these will be amazing come fall.

CozyPhones | Casual Runner

The Materials

The CozyPhones have a great stretchy lycra shell with an interior of polyester that wicks away sweat. On top of that, it’s got the great braided cord that I came to love with Yurbuds. The headband itself is not unlike a SweatVac headband, impeccably made to last and keep you comfortable. As a throwback to a previous review (and this still stands true):

One quick tip, though: don’t accidentally get the cloth wrapped cord go in your mouth after a few weeks of sweat being absorbed. It’s a move I regret to this day. That awful taste lasts a lot longer than the next mile to the water stop.

How They Fit

A one size fits most situation, the CozyPhones fit me pretty well. My only qualm is that the headphone itself is just a touch behind my ears. When I first tried them on, I was a bit bummed about it. But it actually is pretty convenient to not have sound blasting directly into my ear. I can still hear the road to stay safe, which is super important. I should also note that the headphones are entirely moveable (I discovered that after a while) so you can position them exactly as you’d prefer. You know, not behind your ears if you see fit.

Most Important: How’s The Sound?

So much better than expected! The balance of sound is pretty great with a nice range of volume. They’re of course no studio quality, but for a pair of headphones that are going to get beat up, you can’t ask for more. There was certainly no hollow sound that one would expect with a sub-$20 headphone.

The CozyPhones Takeaway?

A solid, solid buy. It’s really only useable during the fall through early spring, but that time period makes it worth it. Headbands drive ear buds into the canal which is super uncomfortable. These do a great job of breaking the wind while allowing me to hear both my tunes and the road. The construction is fantastic and the materials are well worth the price. They’ll last you a long time, especially if you go through the easy process of removing the headphones to wash the headband.

CozyPhones | Casual Runner

We’re Giving Away Some CozyPhones!

We’re also thrilled to be partnering up with our friends at Bottles & Banter for a CozyPhones giveaway. CozyPhones is giving away the winner’s choice of adult or kids headphones. Enter below for your chance to win!


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