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WDW Marathon – Highlights

runDisney’s 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon presented by Cigna

January 7, 2018
Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Over the years we have brought you loads of coverage for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (just scroll to the bottom of this article and check it out, but don’t forget to come back). As you can see there’s plenty of coverage and the courses really haven’t changed, so this year I figured it was time to do something different. Thus, I bring you the Highlights from all the races!

Fitness Expo

For all expo coverage make sure you checkout last week’s article of the Walt Disney World 5K Highlights.

Changes to the Race

Exact same change that occurred during the half marathon…

There was a minor change to the course due to construction in Magic Kingdom backstage.  I loved this course change.  Instead of running back towards Space Mountain and in the backstage area of Magic Kingdom we took a left to run along Seven Seas Lagoon toward the Magic Kingdom by where the buses drop off.  We then ran straight thru the tap styles toward the train station.  We headed straight thru the front entrance to the right to enter Magic Kingdom onto Main Street USA.


Helene, Ashley, and I ran as different Minnie Mouses while Jason was classic Mickey.  We also ran with Mike, Tim, and J.P. dressed as casual runners, and Meghan in spectator chic thanks to the extra layers needed for the cold.

I went with the 60th Anniversary Minnie look.  I wore a red spakle skirt on my bottom half.  On my upper half I wore a long sleeve black shirt with  a red tank top over it.  On my red tank top I glued rhinestones along the neckline to look like a diamond necklace and a blue ribbon belt underneath my chest with a glitter buckle. I had minnie gloves that I wore over black gloves.  I wore classic Minnie Ears on top.  Halfway thru the race I ditched the long sleeve tee and gloves.

Helene ran as Classic Minnie with a black tank top with a long sleeve black tee over top of it, a red sparkle skirt with white polka dots, gloves, and black knee high socks with mini tutus around the tops and bows.  For ears she wore the red minnie ears with white polka dots and a black side bow.  Helene ditched the long sleeve tee and gloves as it warmed up.

Ashely went with the Disney Junior Minnie look.  She wore a pink tutu with white polka dots, black leggings, a long sleeve black shirt with a pink t-shirt over top.  She wore pink knee high sock with pink tutus and a Minnie headband with a pink bow that had white polka dots on it.  She also had on gloves that she ditched along with her long sleeve shirt during the race.

Mile Markers

Mile 1 – Sorcerer Mickey, Mile 2 – Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, Mile 3 – Nemo, Dory, and Marlin, Mile 4 – Cinderella, Mile 5 – Lady and the Tramp, Mile 6 – Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and Mile 7 – Belle.

Mile 8 – Snow White and Prince Charming, Mile 9 – Bambi and Thumper, Mile 10 – Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Mile 11 – Merida, Mile 12 – Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, and Mile 13 – Baloo and Mowgli.

Mile 14 – Simba, Timon, an Pumba, Mile 15 – Ariel, Mile 16 – Flik, Mile 17 – Donald Duck, Mile 18 – Lilo and Stitch, and Mile 19 – Hiro and Baymax.

Mile 20 – Pinocchio and Jiminey Cricket, Mile 21 – Sleeping Beauty, Mile 22 – Lightening McQueen and Snot Rod, Mile 23 – Mike and Sully, Mile 24 – Chef Linguini and Remy, Mile 25 – The 25th Marathon Medal, and Mile 26 – The Incredibles Family.

Characters on Course

Once again there wasn’t a character stop for almost three miles.  I find this ridiculous.  I’m not quite sure why runDisney thought this was a good idea. Before a character stop occurred there was a high school band and stilt walkers around mile one.

The first stop was Lightening McQueen and Mater which were there the day before. Next was a water/Powerade station (the first time Powerade was offered on the course).  Immediately following the hydration stop was Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McQuack.  Next up was the Evil Queen for us, Maleficent and the Queen of Hearts also appeared at this spot during the race as they rotated in and out.  

Besides a different high school band characters would not show up on course till Magic Kingdom. The first being our on course support, Laura. In Tomorrowland there was Buzz Lightyear, in front of the tea cups there was the White Rabbit and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and by Story Book Circus there was fortune teller Donald.

As we headed toward the castle Sebastian was in front of Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid again and Anastasia, Drizella, and Lady Tremaine from Cinderella were before running thru the castle.  In Frontierland Jessie was out for a photo op in front of the Diamond Horseshoe.

On Grand Floridian Way the penguins from Mary Poppins were up first, followed by the Wedding Singers at the Grand Floridian, next Vacation Genie in front of the Mickey Golf Cart, and ended with Doug, Russel, and Carl from Up.

Next photo ops were of old ride vehicles – the buckets from Skyway, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride cars, a mine cart from Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Up next was a photo stop for the Adventurous Club from the old Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney. 

Next my personal favorite character stop was up featuring Hades, Pain, and Panic.  Before entering Animal Kingdom some of the animals were out to pet and take a quick pic with.  Upon entering Animal Kingdom you could stop for a photo with Timon and Rafiki.  Next up was King Louie.  If you were lucky enough you would’ve been able to grab a quick ride on Everest.  In the Animal Kingdom Parking lot you could grab a photo with the Grave Diggers before heading out onto Osceola.

The next couple of miles spent on Osceola Way only had one character stop – Pluto who didn’t even have photo pass photographers at it.  Luckily we had on course support from Laura and Katie who provided us with some tasty McDonalds.

Inside of ESPN’s Wide World of Sports the first stop was Soccer Minnie followed by Runner Goofy.  Up next was Baseball Mickey and Donald followed by Joy and Sadness from Inside Out.

The next character stop would be Oswald the Rabbit once we were in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The next character stops wouldn’t be until Epcot around World Showcase.  However, I cannot remember what characters were in Epcot because we were so over the race by that point and just kept going to the finish line.


The shirt for the marathon is a red gender specific tech long sleeve tee.  It featured Mikey crossing the finish line of the 25th marathon! The shirt for the Goofy Challenge is a white gender specific tech long sleeve tee.  It features Mickey and Goofy running together on it.  The Dopey Challenge shirt is a grey gender specific tech long sleeve tee and has the one and only Dopey on it.

The marathon medal is in the shape of Mickey and is embossed in gold glitter.  The head of Mickey is is a spinner and on one side features Mickey Mouse crossing the finish line with the quote “You can do it!” When you spin the spinner to the other side it is Mickey’s shoe with wings on it with the 26.2 distance on it as well as the quote “If you can dream it.”  the medal also features on the front Marathon in a black banner with 25 underneath it in silver glitter.  It is on a black/grey ribbon.

The Goofy Challenge medal features Goofy and Mickey running and are done in silver..  The 39.3 distance is done in blue glitter.  One side of the medal has a blue streak that states the year.  On the opposite side is an orange stripe that reads “Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge.”  The ribbon is green with an orange and blue border.

The Dopey Challenge medal features Dopey’s head, upper body, and arms.  He has two blue sapphires covering his eyes.  There is a glittery purple circle around him that features the date and 48.6 miles.  The ribbon is green with a white and purple border.

At the finish line of this race we also received comparative Mickey Mouse ears.  The base of the hat is blue and the ears are silver.  The front of the hat has the marathon emblem on it.

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