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Top Running Scenes in Holiday Movies

List: Top Running Scenes in Holiday Movies 


Merry Christmas everyone!

A shout-out to our friends from John and Sara, the original Not Real Runners, who on a recent podcast treated us to a holiday movie trivia quiz.  They inspired us to come up with our own list of the Top Running Scenes in Holiday Movies. So grab yourself a glass of eggnog, pop some popcorn, and sit back in front of a fire and enjoy some fun running scenes from holiday classics.

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Honorable mention

We wanted to take a moment to remind you all that there are two types of people in this world: those that recognize that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and those who are wrong. Unfortunately, we could not find any running scenes that were, um, language appropriate for sharing in our list, so we will have to settle for a sending out a shout out to John McClain for saving us all form the Nakatomi terrorists, and especially one of the all-time great movie villains, Hans Gruber. But we will save that for a future list!


5. Home Alone’ing Through the Airport

We’ve all been there: the mad dash through the airport, we usually just do not do it to a seasonal soundtrack while leaving one of our kids home…alone (see what we did there?).

4. You will never look at a revolving door the same way again.

Thanks to Buddy the Elf, if running endless circles in a revolving door is wrong, we do not want to be right.


3. A Christmas Story Filled with Running

This scene (from an all-time movie marathon champ no less) literally inspired a race IRL.  Come along as the kids from A Christmas Story make an epic run, just don’t shoot your eye out! While you are at it, check out our coverage of the A Christmas Story 10k.

2. Run Actually

What would a holiday movie be without a grand romantic gesture? Combine that gesture with a little Casual Running, and you have a scene fit for the ages!

1 Its a Wonderful Run!

When it comes to Christmas movies, it really does not get any better than the immortal classic, Its a Wonderful Life. Proving that this all-time great has a little bit of something for everyone, it even delivers the best Christmas-movie running scene of all time.

We hope you and your families are having a wonderful holiday season.

Now, go on home…they’re waiting for you!

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