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Top 5 Tips: Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend

Top 5 Things You Need to Know for the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend

Last year we brought you the Pixie Dust Challenge and Tinkerbell Half Marathon Preview and Tips in the weeks leading up to your run at Disneyland. This year we’re stepping up our game by giving you the five things you need to know to have a pixie dust filled Tinkerbell Weekend!

So let’s get down to it…

Please make sure you go back and read our Pixie Dust Challenge and Tinkerbell Half Marathon Preview and Tips for a more in-depth preview of the weekend. 

Jake and Jennifer as Peter Pan’s Shadow and Wendy

5) Haunted Mansion

If you only travel to Disneyland for runDisney race weekends this is your only weekend to ride the traditional Haunted Mansion attraction.  The ride will be closed during the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and Star Wars Light Side Weekend for it’s seasonal overlay conversion.  During Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend you get to see that seasonal holiday overlay as the attraction is transformed into the Nightmare Before Christmas.  So this is your one shot… make sure you ride the original Haunted Mansion attraction during your Tinkerbell runcation.

Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Layover

Quick Note – For the 2017 Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend, Matterhorn Bobsleds and Indiana Jones Adventure will be down for refurbishment.  Disneyland Railroad, Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes, Fantasmic!, Mark Twains Riverboat, Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, and Sailing Ship Columbia are also still down while Star Wars Land construction is being done. Make sure to enjoy these attractions on your next runDisney race weekend.

4) Survive the Expo

The Expo will be insane on opening day…imagine Black Friday with all runDisney items. Okay maybe not that crazy, it’s not like this is Princess Half Marathon weekend, but pretty close to it.  Get there hours before open or wait until the next day to go! Unless you have a special piece of merchandise you’re seeking out there is no need to go to the expo on the first day unless you’re running the 5K.  The expo opens Thursday May 11th at 10am PST and crowds will thin out as the weekend goes on. Of course, if you want to go at the opening of the first day for the thrill of the hunt or the entertainment value, have at it!  You may see a few of our readers there on the hunt for a certain shoe ornament.

Ashley (an avid reader of Casual Runner and a 4x Tinkerbell half marathon runner) shared some of her expo tips with us.  Her first tip was regarding the official runDisney merchandise – the glassware is the first to go and the merch is generally pretty cute.  I’ve picked out one or two things I really want and settle for those.  She may have admitted this may be the one shoe ornament that is definitely on her list this race season.  Her second piece of advice was to definitely try the official expo cocktail as it is very delicious!

Check out our tips for surviving a runDisney race expo.

3) Red Hat Ladies

As you know, this event takes place on Mother’s Day Weekend. What makes it even more special is that the event has grown to celebrate not only women runners, and moms, but women in every way. Perhaps the best example of this is the annual on-course presence of the Red Hat Ladies who will cheer you along your way!

The Red Hat Society always stake out a section of the course – usually near the Sorcerer’s Hat at the Disneyland Hotel – and boy do these amazing ladies know how to make their presence be felt. We dare you to not gain an extra pep in your step or two as you feed off their awesome energy while they fill the entire race field with joy. We would say you should keep an eye out for them, but they will certainly be keeping an eye out for you.

2) Don’t Forget Mom

My Mom, Andrea, and I at the 2015 Tinkerbell 10K

This race is over Mother’s Day weekend.  Are you running with your mom?  If yes, great you can spend some quality time with her on the course.  Maybe you two can even do some CosRunning together.

If not, the race is NOT sold out! If your mom likes to run or walk, you could always sign her up last minute for a Mother’s Day present.  If not make sure to give her a call after the race to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Ashley and her Mom at the 2015 Tinkerbell Half Marathon

1) SMO Celebration!

Wear your medals to the parks!

Embrace the clank (that all-too-familiar sound where your multiple race medals clank against one another as you walk around the parks). Get your medal pictures in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

If you decided to skip photo ops on the course you can always get your picture with Peter Pan or Tinkerbell inside the parks.  Tinker bell is always the longest line but it’s a great interactive photo op.  She will sprinkle fairy dust on you and marvel over your earned wings.

Magical Moment – You really should try to stop for photos on the course if you can allot some time for it.  There are rare fairies on the course that cannot be seen in the parks and the Lost Boys can be seen having fun on the carousel in Disneyland.

Unfortunately we will not be seeing you at this race, but we cannot wait to hear from our readers and all the fun they have!

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Jennifer and Jake as Tick-Toc Croc and a Lost Boy

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