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CR Mailbag: April 2017

Casual Runner Mailbag: April 2017

Mail call! Wait, what? If we are opening up the Casual Runner Mailbag, that must mean that we are at the end of another month, but, how? How is April over already? Man, April just flew by!

We transitioned from the long slog that is winter and jumped head on into spring running and racing season so fast that we did not even notice that another month is in the books (along with all of those fun training miles and adventures!). So, without further adieu, lets go ahead and hear what our readers have to say in the latest edition of the Casual Runner Mailbag!

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Star Wars is still champ

Decades after its release, Star Wars is still a dominant force in popular culture, and in April, it was a dominant force in the running universe.  runDisney brought back its Star Wars Dark Side Challenge Weekend in Walt Disney World, featuring a 5k event plus the Darkside Challenge consisting of the Dark Side 10k and the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

Star Wars fans and Casual Runners alike rejoiced in this fun weekend event.

Christopher Scott reached out to us via Facebook:

I passed y’all when you were in line for Kylo (I think that was the photo op)… if you saw a stormtrooper in a tutu, that was me.
Thanks Christopher and congrats on a great race! We always love meeting fellow Casual Runners at race events, on and off the course!

Coming to America to…runDisney

Melody reached out to us from across the pond to ask us a question about runDisney race registration for the Princess Half Marathon:

Hey! I have a runDisney question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to, and I’m hoping you guys can help. I’m planning to register for the 2018 Princess Half, but I’ll be out of the country of registration day. Will I run into any snags because of that, or will I be fine?

Hi Melody! Tons of international runners participate in every runDisney weekend, so you should have no trouble logging into the registration website from overseas, provided that country allows access to the page. If you are at all concerned you can ask a running buddy to register for you, just give them all of your pertinent details before you leave. If we can help out in any other way, let us know. And don’t forget to check out Jennifer’s tips for runDisney race registration.  Have a great trip and we hope to see you at Princess Weekend!

Coming to Epcot…or not!

April always kicks off with April Fool’s Day, which seems to have caught many of our readers by surprise. We could not resist having a little bit of fun by sharing
some “breaking news” about the addition of the addition of a new pavilion to Epcot’s World Showcase.

Many of you picked up on the Joke, others took a little longer.

Kelley had this to say:

“Tons of pear wine during wine and dine 🍷,”

Meghan added:

“1st April Fools joke I almost fell for…lol.”

We hope you all enjoyed having a little bit of fun, but for those who are still eagerly anticipating a long-awaited new country in Epcot, we are sorry to add to your ongoing disappointment.

Well, sadly that is going to do it for this installment of the Casual Runner Mailbag. If your message did not make it this month, we are sorry, but we will be back next month so be sure to keep your notes and messages coming in! If you want to have your questions answered or see your comments included in a future CR Mailbag, or just want to let us know how we are doing, drop us a note today! See you out on the running trails!

Check out past editions of the Casual Runner Mailbag.

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