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Review of the 2017 Winter Park 10K

Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race 10K James C. Barnett, M.D. Memorial Run presented by Florida Hospital

March 25, 2017

Winter Park, Florida

Why I Decided to Run This Race

I decided to run this race thanks to our friends Laura and Jason.  When we told them that we were moving to Florida they instantly started talking about this race and that we should definitely run it if we had moved by then.

The rest was history. In the car ride down to Florida while Mike was driving and we were sitting in deadlocked traffic I signed us up for this race.  We also let Helene know that we were going to run and she signed up within minutes.

Race Expo/Swag Review

There was not an actual expo for this race.  There was a packet pick-up at Track Shack in downtown Winter Park.  Helene and I headed to pick up our bibs the Friday afternoon the day before the race while we were out running errands.  Track Shack puts on some great races in Central Florida and they have really set up their store for a quick bib pick up.

When we went in the store we went to the back right corner of the store and were able to look up our bib numbers on a wall where everyone’s bib numbers were listed.  This made it very easy for us to look up everyone else’s numbers so we could easily pick up their bibs as well.  We then told the volunteers the bib numbers we were picking up and they gave us our bib and Raw Threads cotton blend shirts that they gave to us in cinch bags.  We would receive our finisher cups at the finish line of the race.

The Gear

I wore black compression shorts, a Nike tech running tank, VSX Incredible Sports Bra, 2015 Akron Half Marathon socks, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 running shoes, and 2016 Dumbo Challenge Sweaty band.  I also carried my iPhone in my Fitletic running belt and my go to bottle of Powerade Zero in case a course doesn’t have enough water on it.

The Pre-Race

We had been warned we needed to get to this race fairly early because of the limited number of parking spots.  The race had a 7:30AM start, however a 2 mile race was running at 7AM so we knew we needed to be down there well before then due to road closures.  We decided to arrive by 6:30AM and had no trouble parking in a lot that was less than half a mile from the start line.  Helene, Laura, and Jason were all able to park in the same lot so we met up in the lot and headed to the start together.

Around 7AM we headed to start line so everyone could go to the bathroom before the start and some pre race photos.  We then made our way to the start.  The street that the race started on was not capable of holding all the runners that were running and many people (including us) were waiting on the sidewalk.  Once the race started (which we could not hear the official start) we made our way on to the street to make our way to the start line.

Along the Course

The race started on Park Avenue on the corner of Welbourne Avenue.  As I said the start was very crowded and we started to run south on Park Avenue before turning left onto New England Avenue.  This area was very congested and almost impossible to run.  Helene and Mike ran ahead while Jason and I quickly decided to walk while we waited for the crowd to spread out. Next we turned left on Interlachen Avenue where we began our 30 second run, 30 second walk intervals.  Soon we would turn right onto Seminole Drive and the Mile 1 marker was in sight.

The next mile we continued our 30 second run, 30 second walk intervals as we turned right onto Palmer Avenue for the majority of the next mile.  Mile two was shortly after we turned left onto Elm Avenue and circled around Lake Knowles.  The first water station was around this area as well, and more than anything I needed this water just to dump on to my head to help cool me down.  After this water station we changed up our intervals a little bit.  We did a minute run followed by a 30 second walk twice before going back to our 30:30s.

After circling around the lake we continued onto Temple Drive then took a left onto Whitesell Drive.  We did a brief out and around on some side roads before ending back up on Whitesell Drive then headed to Pine Tree Road and the Mile 3 marker.  Once again we were at a new mile marker and began our 1 minute to 30 second intervals twice then 30:30s, and decided to do that about every three quarters of a mile for the rest of the race.

The next mile of the course was absolutely gorgeous as we began heading south and running along Lake Maitland on our right and magnificent houses on the left.  Around mile 4.5 we came upon our second water stop and this time I absolutely needed it for a cool down.  We came upon the mile 5 marker and headed south away from Lake Maitland to make our way toward the finish line.

During this part of the course I was more than ready to be done.  I remember a lot of this course being spent running around a golf course and a good portion of the last mile being ran on a brick road.  To finish running we headed south on Keyes Road then did a little jag to end up on Park Avenue to head straight to the finish line!

The SMOpinion

I love love love this medal! It has a peacock on it  that has the tail circling down and around the medal.  In the center of the medal it says “2017 Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race Presented by Florida Hospital 10K 40 Years Running.”  It is on a white lanyard with peacock feather design on it.  The color scheme is gorgeous!

The Post-Race Experience

The race finished with us waiting in long lines for everything.  This was one of the downfalls of this race.  We had to wait for water bottles then wait for our finisher mugs.  After that we entered the post race party.  We waited in line for a finish line photo, Jason rung the PR bell, then we grabbed some bananas and rice krispie treats on the way out.  We did have free tickets for beer at the finish line, but none of us wanted to wait for them.  We also noticed booths for massages and breakfast sandwiches, but the lines were once again too long.

Playlist Peek

I recycled my playlist from the 2017 Princess Half Marathon.  Nothing in particular stood out as I was running with Jason and found myself not really listening to music.  I enjoyed the conversation over the music.

Looking Back Now

I would definitely run this race again.  I loved all the beautiful scenery during the race.  It was reasonably priced with great swag!  It’s a great local race, which makes it even easier to sign up for even for a forced training run that sometimes you just need.

Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!