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BREAKING NEWS – New Epcot World Showcase Pavilion

NEW Pavilion Coming to Epcot’s World Showcase!

April 1, 2017

Oh My! HUGE news coming out of Walt Disney World this morning. How many times have we strolled around the World Showcase Promenade in Epcot and thought, “this is great, but it really could use more countries?” In fact, the original plans for Epcot called for more than twice the amount of national pavilions than currently make up one of our favorite places to visit in all of Disney World. Well, huge news out of Orlando this morning..


And, it is…wait for it…Genovia!

Her Royal Highness, Genovian Crown Princess Mia Thermopolis, announced that the Genovian royal family finalized an agreement with Disney CEO Bob Iger to build the most technologically advanced cultural representation Disney has ever known.

Design details of the pavilion are being kept secret, but we do know that it is already under construction as crews started working late last month behind the site of the old Odyssey restaurant. This was necessary to meet the targeted opening date of February 2018 so that the grand opening will coincide with the 10th anniversary running of the runDisney Princess Half Marathon. We are told that Queen Clarisse Renaldi herself will lead the Genovian delegation for the grand opening.

Here are some details for the pavilion that we do know:

There will be both a sitdown restaurant and two counter service locations, offering guests native Genovian cuisine featuring pears, a Genovian national treasure;

There will be a 70 foot tall post-modernistic statue depicting a golden pear as the pavilions central icon; and

The main attraction will be a slow moving outdoor boat ride through re-creations of famous Genovian landmarks set amongst landscaped pear orchards.

In order to accommodate the pear orchards, the outdoor portion of the Test Track attraction will need to be torn down, but the pears grown in that orchard will be used to create dishes for guests to enjoy at the annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. So, we think that is a fair tradeoff.

If you want to read the full royal press release from the palace, you can check it how here.

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