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CR Mailbag: March 2017

Casual Runner Mailbag: March 2017


Hello Casual Runners and Casual Adventurers! We had another great month here as many of us are getting ready to say goodbye to winter and looking forward to all of the great running miles and adventures that spring has in store for us.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that we quietly debuted our new logo for our Casual Adventurer series…check it out…

Yeah, we love this, great job Nick! As you can see, its a reminder that Adventure IS out there!

As we like to do here at Casual Runner, before we can turn the pages of the calendar from one month to another, we are going to turn things over to you, our readers, and open up the Casual Runner Mailbag!

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Inspiration Abounds

We had the privilege of bringing our readers 2 inspirational First Mile stories. Laura reminded us that Casual Running journeys are not linear as they take us places we never thought we could go!

Kathleen shared these thoughts:

“I’m also proud of your desire and determination to meet your goals! Great testimonial! Thank you for inspiring Jason to do the same!!”

Speaking of Laura’s husband Jason, he shared his own inspirational journey. Bec, one of our Australian readers, reached out to us from the land down under:

“Jason, so proud of you reading that over here in Oz! Well done mate 👊🏻💪🏻”

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Princesses Run the World

Candace brought you her race reviews of the 2017 runDisney Princess Half Marathon and Princess 5k. This was a memorable race weekend as we got to meet and hear from several readers (as a reminder, don’t forget to say hi when you see us at races!).

Christopher Scott had this to say about the Princess Half Marathon

“It was my first WDW rD event, but I had done several at Disneyland so I thought I was prepared. Nope… DL and WDW are two different beasts for the Half. But I’ll be back for Dark Side in a few weeks.”

Thanks Christopher, you bring up some interesting points as east coast and west coast runDisney races are indeed very different. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you at the Dark Side Weekend!

The Best of Disney Nighttime Spectaculars

The folks at Disney Good Eats joined us to rank the nighttime fireworks shows and spectaculars at Walt Disney World. This generated a lot of discussion online, but we think that Chris summed up a lot of the chatter in this way:

“Booking it”ll😹. Where & when!!?!”

It really is hard to read about these great nighttime spectaculars and not want to run to your computer and start booking a Disney vacation. We apologize for your credit card bills now.

CosRunning Love

Nicole checked out one of the articles in our CosRunning Series and weighed in on Jake’s Cars-inspired costume designs in The Speed of Lightning:
“You did a great job! You are totally right that the Cars characters are super overlooked as race/costume ideas.”
Thank you Nicole, we can’t wait to see your costume creations, be sure to share them with us!

Well, sadly that is going to do it for this installment of the Casual Runner Mailbag. If your message did not make it this month, we are sorry, but we will be back next month so be sure to keep your notes and messages coming in! If you want to have your questions answered or see your comments included in a future CR Mailbag, or just want to let us know how we are doing, drop us a note today! See you out on the running trails!

Check out past editions of the Casual Runner Mailbag.

Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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