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February Mailbag

Casual Runner Mailbag: February 2017

As we always do here at Casual Runner, before we can turn the page of the calendar from one month to another, we are going to turn things over to you, our readers, and open up the Casual Runner MailbagAnd, well, you will see, do we ever have a packed mailbag this month!

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Run-Walk to Success!

Katrina sent us this question following up on Jennifer’s Army 10 Miler in Washington, D.C.:
“Great race recap. I read on the Army 10 miler FAQ that the race must be ran, so I was searching to see I could do run/walk intervals that the Army 10 miler before I registered tomorrow. It sounds like this is what you did. What intervals did you do?”
Intervals are always an option in any race so long as you can stay ahead of the minimum pace requirement for that race. In fact, we know many interval runners who can run faster than many runners who do not walk at all, it all comes down to your overall pacing! Good luck!

It may be the ARMY 10 Miler, but we know where Jennifer’s loyalties are!

Running in the Movies

Team Casual Runner share our definitive list of the Top 10 Running Scenes in MoviesFreya Osborne cast her vote:

“Great collection indeed.As my opinion, Forrest Gump is the best, I really really love it.”

You will get no argument for us. As to the rest of our readers, what are you favorites? Let us know by dropping us a note.

Manatee Love!

Many readers reached out to us to let us know how much they LOVED Candace’s Casual Adventure article on swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River, Florida. To give you a taste, LeeAnn had this to say:

“Awesome! I’ve always wanted to do this! Oh, and I too have manatee earrings and a gold manatee charm!”

Thanks LeeAnn! The Crystal River manatee swims are tremendous adventures. The best part is they are suitable for people of most ages and ability levels, so they are adventures that almost anyone can experience. We hope you get a chance to meet these amazing – and loveable – animals.

We also received some questions about safety and manatee preservation. While swimming and interacting with manatees is prohibited in most places, Crystal River is specifically designated to allow these adventures in to take place a safe and controlled manner.  Your tour operator will provide you with specific instructions and rules to promote that the safety of you and the manatees is the top priority at all times. Following these instructions – which are given both before and during your interaction – will ensure for an enriching and unforgettable adventure.

Watch our VIDEO of this manatee adventure now!

WDW Marathon

We here at Casual Runner always call them as we see them – including the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is how our readers know they are getting our objective opinions and how we can help race directors improve their products.  Mike shared his Final Thought and observations on the 2017 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, which drew a lot of attention from our readers.

reached out to us via Twitter to say this: 

“@ your final thoughts are.. a hit! Exactly how I feel about the experience.”

Thanks Bobby! We are always glad to hear that readers appreciate our thoughts. You keep enjoy our articles, and we will keep writing them!

Porta Potty Paradise

We brought you a Fast Friday story about how, to entice entries to this year’s marathon, a race is raffling off the chance to win your own private porta potty on race morning. We asked our readers what they would do if they won their own private loo for a day. Here is some of what they had to say:

“Auction it off to the squeamish.”
– Christopher Schmidt (‏@disney4grownups):

“I’ll let you know when I have the VIP Experience at the #austinmarathon!”
– Kyle Kranz (‏@kyle_j_kranz)
Good luck in Austin Kyle, and do let us know how it goes. And Chris, just make sure you give the squeamish a wide birth in those porta potty lines, we wouldn’t want them ruining your race morning.

Photo Credit: Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. 

Instagram Love

We received this note from Rachel (rachelatyson) and had to share it:

“I am seriously in love with your page! Thank you for sharing your life and your photos!”

Denise (denisemarcellofitness) also showed us some Instragram love:

“Keep up the amazing posts/pics.”

Thank you everyone! And, if you are not already following us on Instagram, be sure to do so right now. We have two accounts, one for Casual Runner and another for  Casual Adventurer. Enjoy all the great pics and additional content!

Well, sadly that is going to do it for this installment of the Casual Runner Mailbag. If your message did not make it this month, we are sorry, we had so many we had to kick some into the March Mailbag, so stay tuned next month for it! If you want to have your questions answered or see your comments included in a future CR Mailbag, or just want to let us know how we are doing, drop us a note today! See you out on the running trails!

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