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Fast Friday: What Would You Rather Do?

In today’s Fast Friday, we’re talking about the age old teenage sleepover game, “Would You Rather?” as it applies to adults running marathons. You know, because we need that sort of levity in our lives. Elliptical Reviews did a survey of runners, and here’s what they found.

Total side note: Where did we come up with the “Fast Friday” concept, Mike? Like, do you do anything fast? Or is this it? I dunno, I guess it works. But for us Casual Runners, maybe it should be something like “Fast (or Moderately Faster than Walking) Friday”

Ok, back to Fast (or Moderately Faster than Walking) Friday.

Would you rather run a marathon or watch C-SPAN for 24 hours?
It turns out, 48% of Americans would rather watch C-SPAN. Don’t get me wrong – we love us some Federal Government Proceedings. But come on. I don’t think the entire population watches a total of 24 hours of C-SPAN in a day. That’s just ridiculous.

Would you rather gain 10 pounds or run a marathon?
34% say they’d rather pack on the pounds. What? Get out of here.

Would you rather change dirty diapers or run a marathon?
30% of you would rather care for a child. That feels acceptable if you spin it like that.

Would you rather walk in on your parents having sex or run a marathon?
17% of you pervs would rather walk in on a steamy love making session. That means over 500,000 people prefer to it to running a marathon.

Thanks, Elliptical Reviews, for the graphic. You are doing amazing work.

So on to the next question Elliptical Reviews asked: How much money would you need to run a marathon?

Simple answer here: I just paid over $200 to run Los Angeles Marathon. So, I’ll go with $200. But it turns out we’re in the strong, strong minority.

The great people of South Carolina, for example, suggest that they’d be convinced to run a marathon IF YOU PAID THEM $211,059. Like, what? I feel as though I just got ripped off. if runDisney paid all of their runners that amount of money to run their races throughout a year, they’d have to pay a cool $44,099,000,000. About the GDP of Lithuania. I hope Scrooge McDuck has some extra coins in his vault.

By comparison, the cheapest state was Arkansas at a measly $1,425. I guess they’re happy-ish to lace up and pound the pavement.

Thanks again, ER.

In conclusion, Americans hate marathoning. Bunch of jerks. Whatever, we know who the awesome people are. It’s folks like you who go out every day and push yourselves. So good on you! Keep up the great work.

*Good job fact checking! We’re no fake news site. The survey only asked 2,000 people, not the entire population of the United States. So only 340 people would rather walk in on mom-dad-sex. Gross.

Would You Rather?

This got us thinking: what would our readers and fellow Casual Runners rather do?  Let us know your thoughts, leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media!

Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!