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Playlist Peek: Not Real Runners

Playlist Peek: Not Real Runners

A podcast for people who run… but not seriously!
With John Biel & Sara Lupien


I will start by saying I never thought I would be able to listen to podcasts while running, so when Mike created our “Playlist Peek” feature I was still a bit skeptical.  I listened to Good Job Brain several times in the car with him and I was quickly hooked to the point I started listening to it while running.

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This past December in a runDisney Facebook group I saw someone share a link for the Not Real Runners podcast.  I was instantly intrigued…flashback to the 2016 Wine and Dine Half Marathon with our now-infamous Cheetos stop…I felt like this was a podcast calling to me. 

Luckily there were already three episodes uploaded for me to listen to on my drive to and from work, and instantly became a huge fan.  I could not wait for more episodes so I could run to them.  So let’s get down to it…


A sad fact of the running world is that not all runners are friendly, and some are downright rude, mean, and arrogant. How many front-of-the packers look down their noses at the back-of-the packers, deriding them as as being “not real runners?” Casual Runner was started in large part to make sure that every runner, no matter their ability, has a place in the running community and is welcome here.

The podcast we are looking at today takes a different approach. Rather than ignoring the derisive slams, they pick them up off the ground and wear the “Not Real Runners” label as a badge of honor, and we love them for it.

John Biel and Sara Lupien started a podcast exactly for who it sounds like. In the description for the podcast the first six words literally say, “If you’re the casual runner who…” It’s like they were speaking to us here at Casual Runner personally.

Tell Me A Little More?

A new podcast is released every week on Tuesdays.  The show typically consists of three segments: a running article from some media source, discussions of future running costumes, and a review of the most recent race(s) they ran.  

John & Sarah delight readers with their casual tone and playful banter, and somehow manage to make you, the listener, feel as though you are involved in the conversation with them. I guess it helps that they are so darn likeable (both in person, and on the air).  Of the range of topics they cover, I would be remiss if I did not highlight their discussion of conceiving and creating race costumes! Oh yes, the costumes!

I got to run some of the 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon with John and Sarah in all their costumed glory.

To say that the duo oozes creativity in the area of cosrunning is an understatement. Their fun and whimsical approach is always amusing, and, best yet, on their podcast they share some insight into their creative processes to help you figure out what costuming limits you yourself can push for your next race. As John points out, there is always a point in creating every costume where it looks like a complete disaster before it gets better. That sounds familiar? I think a lot of us can identify with that when it comes to our own training programs!

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but Not Real Runners is a great podcast to listen to on my training runs. When I listen to it, I feel like John and Sarah are running alongside of me, which helps make the time – and the miles – just fly on by. Several times I found myself extending a planned 5k into a 5 miler just because I wanted to get to the end of the podcast before I stopped. It is kind of like having on-demand running buddies to run with, even though they live on the other side of the country!

Needless to say, Not Real Runners is definitely worth checking out and adding to your list of go-to podcasts for your training runs, you will be glad you did!


Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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