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Fast Friday: Win a Personal Porta Potty

Fast Friday:

Win a Personal Porta Potty?!?

Here is a quick one to kick off your Friday.

We here at Casual Runner love to recognize innovations in the running industry (which is why we sponsor the Golden Runners Awards, and will be doing so again later this month!).

We also do not shy away from discussing TMI issues, such as going to the bathroom, because, well, they are a fact of running.

Check out our Top 10 Tips on Needing to Go While On the Go.

So, when a race combines innovation that addresses some…going concerns…it definitely deserves a second look!

Pre-Race Porta Potty Problem.

We’ve said it many times here on Casual Runner, the best thing that race officials can do to get a race event off on the right foot is to make sure there are plenty of porta potties at the pre-race runners area. Unfortunately, many races seem to get this wrong, leading to long lines and overwhelmed porta potties that can be, well, in a word, disgusting.

Some races are strategic and stage their starting lines near buildings where they can access permanent restrooms that they supplement with porta potties. Others sell access to race retreats that include specially-designated bathrooms. The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, however, is putting a novel spin on a solution.

Win Your Own Porta Potty. 

That’s right, if you enter this year’s Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon by a certain deadline, you will be entered into a drawing to win your very own, PRIVATE porta potty on race day! Just think, you will be guaranteed a clean place to go with absolutely no waiting! Who ever guessed that the thought of a porta potty could be so, well, luxurious?

We are not sure just how the race day logistics will work, but it appears that, if you win, you will have your very own bathroom in a certain area that only you (and your approved guest list) can access.  This is certainly a unique and novel take on race registration premiums. It really does not cost all that much and is certainly an attention-grabber (heck, it caught OUR attention!). Will it work? Will it catch on? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit: Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon & Twin Cities in Motion.

What Would You Do?

This got us thinking: what would you do if you did win a personal porta potty on race day?

Would you keep it to yourself, relishing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prepare for a race in all of its sanitary glory?

Would you share it with your running buddies, as long as they promised to keep it clean?

What would you do when you see the sad puppy dog eyes of all of the other runners in the dozens-deep lines for the regular porta potties? Would you share?

Let us know your thoughts, leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media!


Photo Credit: Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon & Twin Cities in Motion.

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