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January Mailbag

Casual Runner Mailbag: January 2017

Happy almost-February everyone! Ok, this is not nearly as exciting as our last mailbag where we celebrated the dawning of a new year, but we are doing our best here!

Actually, January was a great month at Casual Runner. We were busy running races at the Walt Disney World Marathon and the St. Pete Beach Classic, scavenger hunting around Disney Hollywood Studios, testing our trivia skills, and even getting up close and personal with manatees and sharks…oh yeah, we have a TON of great coverage coming your way, so make sure to keep visiting us often!

In accordance with our practice, before we can turn the pages of the calendar from one month to another, we are going to turn things over to you, our readers, and open up the Casual Runner Mailbag!

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We Love Race Swag

is running the 2017 runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge in Walt Disney World, and asked us this question via Twitter:

“@ Found you on Pinterest! Love what you’re all about. 🙂 Question- if you do a @ challenge do you get multiple shirts?”

Thanks @WillRunforDis, yes you do. You will get each individual race shirt PLUS the shirt for the challenge itself. The same goes for the medals, so you will be loading up on plenty of good race swag and SMOs each time you run a challenge. Good luck to you, we hope to see you there!

Also, for the rest of our readers, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for new ways to keep up with Casual Runner.

Casual Runner Nation is Buckeye Nation

Our Twitter got a lot of attention in the last month and we received this note from 

@ reading your blog for the first time. Exciting to see another Disney runner hoping for a detour to Tampa!

Thanks Kelsey, its always great to hear from fellow Buckeyes! Thanks for following, although we, along with you and all of Buckeye Nation are sad that we could not get it done this season, but, as we know, there is always next year!

Santa Hustling

Many of you checked out our review of the weather-altered 2016 Santa Hustle Indianapolis Half Marathon & 5k. Marleen had this to say:

“Loved the article! Made me feel as if I ran the race with you!!!”

Thanks Marleen, perhaps next year? Lets just hope the weather is a little, er, a lot, better!

Across the Bay!

Jennifer shared her review of the 2016 Across the Bay 10k, which offers runners some truly spectacular in-race vistas. We heard from Jenny, who also ran this race:

“The weather was amazing this year for this race! I ended up a little over dressed based on when I *thought* I would start the race. My parking was at the football stadium in Annapolis, and it seemed they didn’t plan this year for the influx of parking traffic for the race and a lacrosse event. Directly traffic was super disorganized and my friend and I ended up super delayed. Overall, a great race though for all the reasons you said!”
Thanks for sharing your experiences Jenny, congratulations on a great race!
As everyone’s race day experiences are unique, we love hearing from our readers and the races they run, so please drop us a note and let us know what you thought of whatever races you run.
Well, that is going to have to do it for this installment of the Casual Runner mailbag. We have a great lineup of articles coming your way in these first few months of 2017, so be sure to stay tuned, and, don’t worry, we will be back next month with another edition of the Casual Runner Mailbag, so send us those emails, comments, Tweets, and shoutouts, and you too can be featured!

Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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