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Casual Runner Mailbag – November 2016


We hope you have been out there hitting the streets and running trails, logging your miles to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories, because the Christmas season is upon us! We have so many great articles coming your way in December, we are ready to burst. But…we do not want to ruin any surprises, so, lets take a moment to look back on this past month as we turn things over to you, our readers, and open up the Casual Runner Mailbag!

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Running Continues to Be Your Safe Space

Mike’s article on running as a safe space – a personal refuge from the world – struck a chord with a lot of readers for a lot of different reasons. The comments we received were personal in nature, so we are choosing not to share those here. But, we did want to let you know that, if this article spoke to you, you are not alone! And, if you ever need an escape from the problems of the worlds, Casual Running will always be there for you, so enjoy the adventure!


Ran, Wined, and Dined

The 2016 runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend dominated a lot of the discussions in November, and for good reason. The event was packed full of fun, great friends, great food, and, well, even some disappointing event changes. 

Stacy Anne gave a shout-out to Candace’s race review of the Wine and Dine Half Marathon:

“You are so amazing at these!!!!! Great review as always!”

Victoria saw Team Casual Runner on the course:

“I loved seeing you guys on course! I gave me a bit of much needed energy to keep moving.”

Thank you to you both! Congratulations to all of the Casual runners this year who wined and dined their way to great race finishes! And an extra congratulations to Victoria and her new husband Dave, who celebrated her honeymoon during the Wine and Dine weekend.


Walt Disney World reached out to us via Twitter:

We love the ! It’s awesome seeing all the runners accomplish such an incredible thing!


Speaking of celebrating, our now-infamous mid-race Cheetos pit stop did not go unnoticed. Dave got right to the point:

“Love the cheetos stop lol.”

Helene, who was responsible for making the Cheetos acquisition happen, had this to say:

“That was the best idea ever, Mike! Definitely put some pep in our step!”


It was definitely a team effort Helene! We also got a shout-out from none other than Chester Cheetah himself on Twitter:


Now if only Casual Runner could get a Cheetos sponsorship. You hear that Cheetos? The ball is in your court!

Race Mascots Travel Well, and get Shout-Outs!

You may have noticed that, when we travel for race weekends, we tend to feature race mascots on our various social medial platforms. For Wine and Dine, Remy served as our mascot:


This drew the attention of Frontier Airlines, who we flew to Florida:

How cute!^BZ

Thank you Frontier and thank you for getting us there safely!


Well, that is going to have to do it for this installment of the Casual Runner mailbag. We have a great lineup of articles coming your way in December, so be sure to stay tuned, and, don’t worry, we will be back next month with another edition of the Casual Runner Mailbag, so send us those emails, comments, Tweets, and shoutouts, and you too can be featured!

Click here to check out past editions of the Casual Runner Mailbag.

Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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