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CR Mailbag: July 2016

Greetings Casual Runners! Summer continues to heat up both on the thermometers and here at Casual Runner, and we are enjoying every step of it. We are already looking ahead to August where some of the greatest not-so-Casual-Runners will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, before we can turn the calendar, since we heard from many readers again this month, we need to take a moment to open up the Casual Runner Mailbag!

Ann Pic

The Team Is Growing.

In July, we celebrated Casual Runner’s Second Anniversary – we know, we can hardly believe how fast these past two years flew by! In doing so, we welcomed Tracy as the newest member of Team Casual Runner. Mike also shared some thoughts to help you all get to know the Casual Runner Team a little better.

Staccie passed along her well-wishes:

“Congrats on 2 years!!! Just keep running, just keep running!! Candace I love all your crazy adventures and live vicariously though them so you go girl!!”

Thank you Staccie! We are pretty fond of Candace as well and have every intention of keeping her around for a long time to take us on even more crazy adventures! In fact, this month Candace spearheaded our efforts to launch additional social media platforms for us, including Casual Runner on Instagram and Casual Adventurer on Twitter. Be sure to follow them both to catch all of the fun pictures and updates from many great adventures to come.

We had a lot to share on the occasion of our Second Anniversary, including a rundown of the Top 10 most-read articles of all-time and even this great map showing where in the world you can find Casual Runner’s readers:

CR Reader Map July 2016

Where in the world are Casual Runner’s readers? Well, everywhere in blue!

This map sparked a lot of discussion, including why it is that Greenland is not so keen on us. But we could not resist sharing the best comment of all, that just so happened to have come from none other than Mike’s mom…

“That is amazing!!!! My son, being followed world wide!!! Congrats!!”

Yup! We are proud of him as well.

Travel & Adventure.

Travel and adventure seems to be on every Casual Runner’s mind these days. Jerry had this to say about our Top 10 Casual Cruising Tips:

“My brother recommended I might like this blog…He was entirely right. This post actually
made my day. Thanks!”


Jerry, we are glad that you found us, but we do not take any responsibility for lost productivity when you read our travel articles and start daydreaming, that is all on you…but we are glad that we can help! Oh, and if you are looking for further distraction to fuel your cruising interests, you may want to check out our Top 10 Tips for sailing on a Disney Cruise.

Jenna, via Facebook, commented on our article on training for your vacation:

“I agree I always make a point to explore new scenery wherever I go.”

Thanks Jenna! There really is nothing like lacing up your running shoes and heading out to explore a new place. It gives you an excuse…er…opportunity?…to explore parts of a community that you may not have visited otherwise during your trip.  It also gives you the opportunity to get a real feel for the places you are visiting. Plus you never know when you might stumble upon something truly breathtaking.


Free Swag.

When the Team forgets to watch over Nick, he goes off and runs not 1, but 2 free swag giveaways in one month! During July, we ran giveaways of of both CozyPhones headphones and some tasty snacks from Gorilly Goods.  Our readers love these giveaways and responded in a big way as they eagerly gobbled up entries. They also shared their excitement.

Talking about CozyPhones headphones, Matt said via our Facebook page:

“I have similar headphones for sleep and they’re amazing”

Matt seems to share Nick’s thoughts on these solid performing headphones at a surprisingly great price point.  Don’t forget, you can always check out our archive of product reviews to find will work best for you!


Well, sorry to cut this short, but that is going to have to do it for this installment of the Casual Runner mailbag. We have so many great things planned for August, that we need to get to work right away! But don’t worry, we will be back next month with another edition of the Casual Runner Mailbag.

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Enjoy the freedom of going wherever your feet, imagination, & determination take you!

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