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Under Armour Thermos Vacuum Insulated 24 Ounce Water Bottle

Under Armour Thermos Vacuum Insulated 24 Ounce Water Bottle: A better route to hydration?

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here.  

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We here at Casual Runner constantly bang the drum about proper hydration, as it is the easiest thing to overlook in your training program, and it has very serious consequences. So we are always looking for the best ways to just keep drinking (no, this time we are not talking about wine or other adult beverages).

Since the Under Armour Thermos Vacuum Insulated 24 Ounce Water Bottle comes in at a rather high price point (starting around $30.00 U.S.), we wanted to take a look at it to see whether it is worth the price.


Don’t think of this as the plastic squeeze bottle you get for free at race expos. This is a solidly built metal bottle with a contoured rubber grip and a screw on plastic top with a snap top lid. The lid also has a metal latch to keep it from accidentally popping open on you. It also has a plastic clip that you can use to secure it to a bag with a carabiner.

IMG_4368When? Where?

It can be used for hot or cold liquids. As it is made of metal (which is unforgiving), I would recommend against putting it the freezer. I didn’t try putting it in the freezer with liquid inside, and, frankly, I don’t want to take that chance.

While the bottle may seem tall, the reason is to maximize the capacity (24 ounces is a very nice size for a large water bottle without being too large) while maintaining the size of a typical glass or bottle, which means that it fits in your car’s cup holders no problem.  Additionally, the metal latch keeps the bottle securely closed while in a bag or backpack, thus avoiding any unfortunate spillage.

It washes up nicely (I stuck to hand washing rather than a dishwasher) no problem and there were no lingering tastes when I alternated between using it for water, sports drink, coffee, and pop (hey now, I’m from the Midwest where it is called “pop.” If you want to complain about our lexicon, please do so to the Casual Runner Mailbag).

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

We put this product through the rigors, and I mean the rigors. We dropped it, bounced it, kicked it (though not always intentionally), and it took a licking and kept on ticking. It is solidly built and survived (almost) all of the abuse we exacted upon it. Except for a few dents, nicks, and scratches (which are purely cosmetic), the shell came through with flying colors.

IMG_4370There are two design flaws.  First, the rubber grip may wear out over time, growing looser and looser in its fit around the bottle itself (it did for me). Second, while the metal shell will withstand a lot of abuse, we learned the hard way that the bottle will not survive being dropped on its lid. We did so and the clear plastic top instantly shattered, rendering the bottle useless. So be careful.

This bottle performs beautifully with respect to keeping liquids hot and cold respectively, even in extreme temperatures. Additionally, its design means that it will not sweat or leak.  Because of this, we think this is the perfect bottle for throwing in your bag when you head off to the gym, the beach, or, better yet, a day of hitting up an amusement park or theme park.

In terms of using it as an in-workout water bottle, it depends on what you are doing. If you are using a treadmill or circuit training in a gym, the bottle will work great and reduce the risk of spills. However, while it will fit in many hydration belts that accept standard bottles, a combination of hits height and weight may make it a bit much to take with you on your run.

IMG_4366In the end, here is what I liked the best about this product: While there are many bottles out on the market that have insulation for keeping drinks cold/hot, and there are water bottles with good spill- and leak-proof lids, it is very difficult to find bottles that have both of these attributes.  Thus, while I still believe that the $30 price point is a little high for this product, it may make it worth the extra investment for you…just don’t drop it on its lid!

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here

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