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Getting Started: Damn the Naysayers

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Someone recently told me that I am too fat to run a marathon.

No kidding, this really happened.

Earlier this year, while riding a Walt Disney World Resort bus to the Magic Kingdom, I struck up a conversation with another runner who just finished his first ever marathon. We were having a great chat, when the gentleman seated next to me interrupted to say the following to me:

“You ran a marathon?…I mean, running a marathon is impressive…for anyone…but you? You don’t look like you could ever run…let alone a marathon.”




What do you say to this?

Maybe it was the spirit of Disney affecting me, but I chalked this up to incredulity rather than any kind of malice on his part. But what made his comments even more…curious?…was that he said this to me 2 days AFTER I completed my 4th Marathon (at the 2016 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon). Do you want me to do you one better? The day before that I ran my 21st half marathon (at the 2016 Walt Disney World Half Marathon). But yet this man assumed that I didn’t look as though I could run either (so much so that he felt the need to say something).

Granted, I do not have the build of “typical” distance runner (whatever that is any more!). To meet me, many may not guess that I am committed to running as much as I am…but that, after all, IS the point of Casual Running, isn’t it? We don’t have to be the best, the fastest, or even look like we are the best or the fastest, to enjoy these great Casual Running adventures that we create for ourselves. We just have to be happy with our own effort and commitment.\

It was not so long ago that I ran my first mile, but I still remember trepidation at what doubters may say about my fitness training endeavors. I am reminded of when our friend Jen told us about how, when she started her Casual Running Adventure, she did so in secret and even ran her first race in a neighboring town, because she did not know what others might say.


So whether



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