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TriSlide Anti-Friction Skin Lubricant

TriSlide: Because Triathletes shouldn’t be the only ones who get to avoid chaffing.

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TriSlide is a product line under the umbrella of SBR Sports.  TriSlide is a continuous spray silicone skin lubricant.  Whereas many anti-chafing products tend to be a solid stick that’s applied kind of like deodorant, TriSlide is a liquid spray.


Certain athletes are prone to chafing: runners, tri-athletes, anyone with a bit of chub rub…or even cold weather issues for men.

But sometimes an athlete’s needs are bigger than simply putting a barrier between a particularly uncomfortable seam and your skin.  What if you have to quickly get into or out of wet gear?  What if you have a large area that needs coverage?  That’s where TriSlide comes in.


It seems to me that TriSlide was originally designed for triathletes.


Ready to hit the trail!

The silicone product is water-resistant, so it aids in quickly putting on and/or removing trisuits and wetsuits.  Runners certainly can benefit from TriSlide’s anti-chafing properties.  And as a SCUBA diver who has put on a few pounds since her last dive, I might be employing this to get into my heavier wetsuits.  For those of you who are not familiar with wetsuits, the colder the water, the thicker the suit you need. The thicker the suit, the harder it can be to get on and off.

Probably the only athlete who shouldn’t use this product is someone like a wrestler…where it might be seen as an unfair practice to coat your skin with a slippery silicone substance.


I applied the TriSlide spray before I got dressed for my run since I hate the hassle of trying to pull clothes out of the way to apply my various anti-chafing products and sunscreen.  That also gave it a little time to “dry” (or, at least stop dripping when I over-applied) before leaving the house.  I applied this before spraying on my sunscreen since I wanted to give the silicone something to really hold on to and was willing to risk the sunscreen sliding off.  If I were using a cream-based sunscreen I might have opted to apply that first.


TMI and PG-13 alert: I find it so much easier to apply this naked.  I’d strip down, spray the TriSlide to the inside of my arms, my underarms, under my boobs, across my back where my bra sits, over my shoulders where the straps of my hydration vest fall, on my inner thighs, and up my butt crack (get used to talking about my butt crack…it comes up a lot in this review).



You didn’t really think I’d show an action shot of my unmentionable places, did you?

It’s pretty easy to apply this product.  Just hold the bottle about 3-4 inches away from your body and spray.  I expected a more dispersed spray, like with my sunscreen, but it came out as a fairly concentrated line about 4 inches long.  This probably results in a lot less waste (unlike my sunscreen, which gets on everything) but makes it a little harder to effectively cover a few places (like my bra line on my back since I couldn’t position my arm correctly to reach the area).

You can layer on as much or as little as you think you need–I probably put a few coats over everything, and that was usually a bit too much so I would drip a little.  What I really liked about this is that it’s a much more sanitary way to prevent chafing along my butt crack, which is a critical spot for me.

Quick Recap?

On my first run with this product–a 12.5 miler that it normally sufficient length to give me at least a little chafe somewhere–I experienced no rubbing or uncomfortable chafing.  Since I was in a tank top and capris, the places most likely to have problems were the insides of my upper arms and my butt crack (gosh, there I go again talking about my butt!), and those are the places that hurt the worst when chafed.

During the several test runs I used this product for (and I only used it for running, since I didn’t have a good SCUBA opportunity and I am not a swimmer) I never had any chafing or even a hint of discomfort.  In fact, the only run I chafed on so far this summer was when I used a competing product just to remind myself of the differences between the two products.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

There are three things to keep in mind when using this product: (1) the spray is COLD and will likely startle you when you spray it on sensitive spots; (2) you don’t need as much as you think you do, a coat or two should be more than sufficient; and (3) there are some spots that will be difficult to reach with the sprayer.


It’s a small bottle, but after 2 months I still have plenty left.

I had a really good experience with this product but will probably not convert over to it completely or exclusively, mostly because of point 3 and the fact that I had trouble getting coverage on the right spot on my back.  But for my arms, legs, and butt crack, this product was awesome.

Sometimes after a long run I can tell that I’ve sweated off my lubricant stick.  But I never once felt like I was running out of protection with this, even on my longest, sweatiest runs.  But it still came off pretty easily with a bit of soap in the shower.  I also loved how much more sanitary it was when applying to my butt (last mention, I swear!), and (TMI alert ahead!) even after a mid-run pit stop there still seemed to be sufficient protection.  Overall, I would highly recommend TriSlide for your next long run.

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