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Rocket Pure Anti-Chafe Balm

Rocket Pure Friction Therapy Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Stick: Protect Yourself From the Chafe

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In a word, Rocket Pure Friction Therapy Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Stick is a chafing prophylactic. In a less SAT-sounding word, the product is an anti-chaffing balm applied to your feet, thighs, or other parts of your body as a way to prevent chafing from occurring during exercise. It’s a fairly simple product, one that resembles deodorant or antiperspirant in both appearance and use. But again, as we have warned before with similar products, do NOT confuse the two; I don’t care that my feet smell, but I do if they hurt from chafing!



Mike’s now-infamous bloody sock at the end of the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon.

There’s really no good way to discuss this product without veering into TMI-Land, but I’ll give it a shot. When you run, you sweat and your body is in motion. These two things combine to cause (or exacerbate) your skin to rub against your clothing. This friction may cause your skin to chafe. While I am not a doctor, my personal experience is that a number of different things (sensitive skin, the length of how long you are running, temperature, sweatiness, etc), can potentially lead to chafing and some sort of discomfort ranging from slight irritation to bleeding. Yes, bleeding. All in all, an unpleasant experience.

I know that I’ve made numerous jokes that only a glutton for punishment relishes toeing the line for a half marathon for the sake of fun, but that certainly has an outer bound. Casual Runner believes running can and should be a pleasurable past-time, and chafing can get in the way of that fun. Some of us at Casual Runner have alluded to our prior experiences with chafing before, so we can definitely sympathize with the irritation—or worse. Therefore, it is important to know your body and what you need to do to put yourself in the best position to run your race.


20150922_231929A big plus of the Rocket Pure Friction Therapy Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Stick is that every single runner can use it. I write this as a person who does not frequently chafe all that much when I run, but even I chafe from time to time. As such, it would be nice to keep something for the chafing when I suspect that it will flare up or really want to avoid chafing—such as applying it before races.

This clearly goes double for runners who experience chafing more commonly. The balm stick is easy to apply, so it can be used as frequently as it is needed. If you are the type whose has their feet chafe during every half marathon, use the balm for each race. If your thighs chafe (gulp) every single time that you run, you can use it each day.


Rocket Pure is rubbed onto the skin where you are affected by the chafing. Where that is for you will depend on your own experience running; no two runners are alike, of course. That could be under your arms, on the inside of your thighs, on your hip/waist, ankles/feet, or other places that the seams of clothing will rub on skin (for women, this includes around the sports bra). But again, results may vary, and you should trust your experience so you know how to use it.


The balm is used as a preventative, so you will want to apply before your run. Neither the stick nor Rocket Pure’s website say whether you need to wait an amount of time between application and running for it to be effective. Also, neither mention for how long the balm will be effective. I did not experience any problems with the balm during a two hour race, but then I do not chafe all that frequently. It seemed to me, though, that I could still tell the spots that I applied the balm to after the race. My guess is that it will cover most of your runs.


Like other anti-chafing balms, Rocket Pure is used topically on the affected part of your body. To use, take the lid off of the stick. Twist the knob at the bottom of the stick to pop the balm up over the container’s lip, and then apply to the skin where the chafing occurs. The balm is translucent, so you’ll need to keep track of where you apply the balm (if you are using it in more than one area) and rub it in with your hands to make sure it is fully absorbed into the skin.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

Rocket Pure’s anti-chafing balm stick is very compact. The stick is roughly the size of a deck of cards, albeit a little taller and a little skinnier. It makes for easy packing, such as including in a first aid kit, or in your suitcase when going on a runcation.

The balm also has an un-offensive presence when applied. Rocket Pure does not have an odor, so it will not be noticeable to you or anyone you run with while worn. It also has a good texture. In the stick, the balm feels like a cross between soap and chapstick. When rubbed onto the skin, it does not leave a greasy spot, nor is it too dry. The skin does feel different with the balm rub on it than not, but that is to be expected of something applied to prevent chafing.


The balm goes on clear, so be careful to make sure you sufficiently cover all of your affected areas.

The balm goes on clear, so make sure you have complete coverage of affected areas.Perhaps most importantly, the balm does not leave visible marks on your arm. As you can see in the photo on my arm, it is difficult to tell that I have applied anything to my arm, and that was after very liberal use of it.

The trade-off here is the risk of absentminded use. While I like how the balm does not leave any visible marks when applied, I could readily see myself forgetting to apply it in a last-minute rush to apply it right before a race. In that scenario, the lack of a mark would be a negative because there would not be an obvious indicator that I had missed a spot.

To test the product, I applied it to the inside of my thighs and the back of my feet (the two places where I have experienced chafing). I did not experience any chafing in the times that I used the balm. While I do not often chafe, as I did not during my test runs, the product performed as-promised.

Additionally, in using it, I can tell you that it does not have a weird feel in how it “wears.” What I mean by that is that I did not feel any difference between, for example, my foot that I used the balm on and the one that I did not. And perhaps that is the best compliment I can give an anti-chafing balm: you will not feel anything.  And, if by “not feeling anything” you can also say that you did not feel the affects of the post-run chafe, then it was a successful run indeed!

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