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KEEPTIGHT WindBlade Performance Capris

KEEPTIGHT WindBlade Performance Capris: A new look at new capris for your active life.

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here


KEEPTIGHT is an American performance wear company.  Their mission is to provide the ultimate in fitness wear for all women, regardless of activity.  These means the products are versatile enough to go from your bike ride to the yoga studio to running sprints around the track without chaffing or bunching.


New pants, fresh from the package!

The company has developed a very clear identity in its branding, in everything from specifically choosing colors that represent their values of honesty, commitment, femininity, energy, joy, and empowerment, to using interesting and flattering seaming on all of their pieces.


Performance wear is expensive, especially for women.  Finding clothes that are up to the challenge of a 16-mile run but also suitable for other activities is very important to me.  Not only does it keep my shopping bill under control, but it helps in my ongoing battle against my work-out clothes taking over every inch of my closet and drawer space.


KEEPTIGHT designs clothes for women.  So, the ideal users are women or people who prefer dressing in women’s clothes (hey, no judgement here).



Ready for a run!

I tested these capris during some of my longer runs and on a bike ride.  But I can’t imagine an activity where they wouldn’t be appropriate.


These capris are versatile enough to go anywhere: roads, trails, the gym, a yoga studio, grocery shopping…


The capris are pretty sleekly designed.  The main color is black, with a cute hot pink detail up the thigh that not only looks good but provides some ventilation.  There is a zippered pocket on the back of the waistband and a drawstring that can be tightened to a perfect fit.

Quick Recap

I took these capris for a couple of long runs and a bike ride to test various features.  During the first run I didn’t take my normal hydration belt because I wanted to test the storage capacity of the back pocket and I wanted to make sure that they didn’t require a belt to stay in place.  On the second run I used my hydration belt and my hands-free around-the-waist dog leash, so there were plenty of opportunities for outside forces to pull and tug and shift the waistband of the pants.  On the bike ride I didn’t use a hydration belt and I raised my seat up fairly high so I would be bent over more than usual and could test if they would creep down my butt over the course of the ride.

I was unusually hot during my first run in these pants, but it was also 98% humidity and I was fighting off an infection, so I’m sure both of these factors played significant roles in making me feel so hot since I did not feel as hot during my subsequent tests.


KEEPTIGHT capris and shirt post-wash. Still feel like the first time out of the package.


Overall I was really pleased with how the pants performed on the first test run.  Nothing shifted, I experienced no chaffing, and it was easy to access the items I put in the back pocket.

After the first run I gave them a good wash and then took them out for a walk/run with the dog.  We did about 7.5 miles and these pants still held up like champs.  They didn’t seem to shrink or get stretched out of shape in the wash, and were still super comfy.

The bike ride similarly was a good experience.  At no time during my 15 mile ride did I feel my pants creeping down over my butt and flashing the traffic behind me.  Normally I have to wear long shirts to cover my lower back and top of my butt just to feel comfortable during my ride, but that was not a concern with these pants.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

The first words out of my mouth when I put these on were, “if these hold up for a few runs and the wash, I may have just found my new favorite running pants.”  I loved how these fully fit over my calves and didn’t threaten to bunch around my knees.  The material also felt super soft but wasn’t heavy.

From the very start these capris fully covered my butt without me having to awkwardly pull and tug the material into place.  (If you’ve ever had to deliberately give yourself a cameltoe and wedgie just to ensure full coverage from a pair of workout pants, you understand what I mean.)  And the waistband didn’t threaten to shift up or down during my run.

The back pocket easily fit my iPod and I had no trouble getting it in and out of the pocket mid-run.  The weight of the device did seem to pull down on the pocket (and therefore my pants) ever so slightly.  But the drawstring saved the day.

Speaking of the drawstring: These capris are my first experience with a drawstring on my workout gear.  Honestly, I used to scoff at people who wanted drawstrings on their running pants, judging them as people who didn’t know how to buy pants that fit properly.  But I have been converted.  The pants are definitely my right size, but it was nice to have that extra security when I put my iPod in the back pocket.


Who knew I was about to have a life-changing experience with a drawstring?

I have no patience with special washing instructions for my workout gear or any other clothes.  If they can’t survive a normal wash cycle and a trip to the dryer with the rest of the load, then they won’t make it long in my wardrobe.  After a couple of washings, the pants still look as good as the day I received them.  No strain on the seams or pilling of the fabric.  And they still feel super soft.

I love these pants.  My only wish were if they were in more colors.  Don’t get me wrong: I totally love black and pink and I completely understand why they chose this color palate.  But sometimes I like to wear other colors.  This is the only thing keeping me from converting my entire selection of workout capris over to these pants

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here

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