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This is the fifth installment of Jake’s CosRunning Series. You can check out his first feature on CosRunning & his second feature, where he showed you how he brought the characters from the Cars franchise to life.  He got a little more daring in Part 3 as he channeled his inner Disney Princess and transformed into the Little Mermaid. His next installment brought you to Neverland as he created Peter Pan’s Shadow.  You can also check out our picture gallery of race costumes on our Facebook page.  If you are looking for ways to add more character to your Casual Running adventures, consider running races in Costumes.  Jake will be bringing you more great features with costuming ideas – including how he creates his great looks – that are both awesome looking and runner friendly.

In this chapter of my CosRunning series, I get a little lost and give some tips that will leave you in stitches.


Of course we had to include a picture of the SMOs, this IS Casual Runner after all.

CHARACTER: Slightly (a Lost Boy from Disney’s Peter Pan)
EVENT: runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon 
DATE: May 10, 2015


Since Jennifer and I ran the runDisney Pixie Dust Challenge for Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend in Disneyland, we each had to come up with two different costume ideas based in Disney’s Peter Pan and Tinkerbell universe.

If you remember from my last chapter, Jennifer and I dressed as Wendy and Peter’s Shadow for the Tinkerbell 10K. For the Tinkerbell Half Marathon itself, Jennifer found inspiration in Tick-Tock, the hand-biting, clock-swallowing crocodile who set his sights on Captain Hook, while I narrowed my sights on the Lost Boys. I chose Slightly because he’s probably the most recognizable of the troupe, but also for economy of effort. I had already planned to cosrun as Robin Hood for one of the Dumbo Double Dare races later in the Summer and figured I could re-use the fox ears and tail from Slightly for my Robin Hood costume.


Slightly’s distinguishing features are his orange hooded jumper, fox ears and tail, and a tuft of blond hair sticking out the front of his hood. My first thought was to base the costume around an orange hooded sweatshirt, but I couldn’t find one that was not neon orange. Since Slightly’s jumper is more of a burnt orange, that was not really going to work. I also thought May might not bring the kind of weather to Southern California that would warrant running a half marathon in a sweatshirt.

IMG_20150622_143603384Instead, I refocused my search based on the color I wanted. There were not a lot of options in burnt orange, but Nike just so happens to make a couple items in their golf series that worked perfectly. I used a polo shirt, adjustable hat, and found a pair of Nike basketball shorts in the same color. For the tuft of blond hair, I figured wearing the hat backward with a blond wig poking through the hole where the hat adjusts would do the trick.

So, I ordered a wig that looked like it would work. I also looked up images of foxes to check out the fur patterns on their ears and tails. They have primarily reddish brown fur on the back of the ears and a border of white fur inside the ears with a dark section in the opening of the ear. Their tails are mostly reddish brown with a white tip. I found some brown fur and white fur at one of the local craft stores that would work just fine.


I did not permanently alter my athletic gear in any way. Knowing I would need to re-use the ears and tail for my Robin Hood costume in September anyway, I used safety pins to attach the ears to the hat and the tail to the waistband of the shorts. I have a pair of orange and grey Mizunos that worked fine for this costume, so I didn’t need to alter them, either.

IMG_20150723_131202119_HDRThe wig I ordered was perfect except it was far bulkier than I needed, so I cut out just the round cap portion of the top and trimmed the hair down that would not show through. It stayed in place inside the hat without any need to secure it with glue or pins.

The only real heavy lifting for this costume were the ears and tail, which meant going back to the sewing machine. I decided to cut out a paper pattern for this project to get the right shape and size of the ears before I started cutting any of the fur material. Once I got the pattern how I wanted it, I used it to mark the back side of the fur with a Sharpie, being sure to leave a quarter inch border around the pattern to allow space for the seams. I marked and cut two mirrored pieces of the brown fur, which would become the back of the ears. I used the same pattern to mark the white fur for the front of the ears, but I cut out an inset that I would fill with more of the brown fur. I cut the white fur and then the inset in the brown fur (again, leaving quarter inch borders).

IMG_20150510_052839801 (1)

Ready to take the finished costume out onto the runDisney course.

I also trimmed down the fur on the inset pieces, since I wanted it to look more like the ear hole. I sewed the brown inserts to the white borders by hand, since they were small pieces and I’m not that skilled with the machine. Once those were complete, I aligned the front pieces with the back pieces (furry side in) and sewed them together. Since the passes would be larger with simpler lines, I used the machine. After turning them right side out, I pulled through the extra fur on the edges near the seams. I also did an extra pass with the sewing machine across the bottom edges of the ears to close them up.

The tail was easier. I made my pattern, putting the seam at the bottom of the tail, which would lay pretty flat against my butt and not be seen. Then, I marked and cut the brown fur and did the same for the white tip. I used the machine to sew the white fur to the brown and then sewed the bottom seam with the furry side in. With the sewing complete, I poked my finger through the tip of the tail and pushed the end through the hole at the base of the tail to turn it right side out. Again, I pulled out the extra fur on the edges near the seams. I chose not to add any stuffing to keep it as lightweight as possible and make it easier to pack, but I left the hole at the base of the tail to help me get it back into shape when we arrived in California. As it turned out, it laid nice and flat during the trip and puffed right back into shape when we got there. Stuffing it with tissue when I got to California would have been Plan B, but that was not necessary. Even luckier, the tail kept its shape through the whole race.


The weather was just as gorgeous as the day before. (I could get used to California weather!) I knew not everyone would know who Slightly was, but I was surprised just how many people yelled out, “Hey, Slightly!” along the course. One girl said, “Slightly is my favorite!” and gave me a high five. Even more people were able to identify that I was one of the Lost Boys, and only one person misidentified me as Copper from Fox and the Hound.

One of the funniest (and most awkward) comments on the course was from a dude who shouted out, “Hey, you look… foxy.” To which, all I could say was, “Ummm… thanks?” Best of all, since there were no annoying costume malfunctions and I happened to hit the parks portion of the race in that sweet spot between corrals, I was far enough ahead of my PR time to motivate me to push for it and set a new PR three minutes faster!


Slightly 2

The finished costume in a very modern Lost Boys pose: the photo bomb!

Garmin Forerunner 220
Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 9 Running Shoes
injinji Sport Original Weight Crew Coolmax Socks
Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Compression Shorts
Under Armour Men’s Original Series Tank
Nike Golf Dri-Fit Victory Polo
Nike Men’s Zone Basketball Shorts
Nike Golf Mens Tech Blank Swoosh Dr-Fit Hat
Cf-fashion 12″ Layered Blonde Short Cosplay Wig

We all have our own motivations for running, but most of us do it because it’s fun. And running in costume only adds to the fun. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for your next CosRunning adventure.

Don’t forget to Check out the other installments of Jake’s CosRunning Series. You can check out his first feature on CosRunning & his second feature, where he showed you how he brought the characters from the Cars franchise to life.  He got a little more daring in Part 3 as he channeled his inner Disney Princess and transformed into the Little MermaidHis next installment brought you to Neverland as he created Peter Pan’s Shadow. You can also check out our picture gallery of race costumes on our Facebook page.  

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