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Steigen: Australian for Awesome Socks

Steigen Performance Socks: Product Review

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here

IMG_7742Disclaimer: When these socks first arrived, I knew I was in trouble.

How did I know that I was in trouble? Well, my girlfriend saw them and instantly loved them. You can’t blame her, at first appearance they looked awesome, as in really awesome. After a few not-so-subtle hints, I was soon met with a “which one are mine?”  Oh yes, I knew that this product review was going to be a challenge, if for no other reason than I was going to have to hold onto the socks long enough to actually try them out.

I tried telling her that they were men’s socks. Yeah, that did not work. She wanted a pair. There was no way I was going to win this battle.


Steigen is an Australian company that specializes in performance athletic apparel that is both functional and stylish.

Socks are both the most basic and one of the most important pieces of apparel Casual Runners need to make sure they get right to increase their comfort and avoid unwanted foot problems.  So I took the opportunity to test out 3 pairs of Steigen Performance Socks to see if they would work for me…that is if I could try them out before they, um, disappeared on me.

Steigen Performance Socks come in a variety of cool and stylish color combinations. Check out the Steigen website for more information, but be careful, they really do have a lot of great looking products to choose from, so you just may end up going down a shopping rabbit hole! Ok, you’ve been warned.


I first discovered Steigen’s products on social media where they were so eye-catching they jumped off my screen. OK, they just looked cool and we Casual Runners love cool things. Needless to say, I wanted to try out their products to see if they performed as good as they looked.

IMG_7749I tend to stick with what works, so trying out new running gear is both a blessing and a curse. You hope that the something new works out for you, but you never know that it will. So it is good to get out of your running gear comfort zone and try something new, just not for the first time on race day or during a long run.  So I was going to test these socks out on the right conditions.

Quick Recap

As I said, I received 3 pairs of socks to test out. My approach was to try on the socks to get a sense for their general feel, including wearing them around the house both with and without shoes.  Since these socks have a compression component, I wanted to make sure that they did not cut off any circulation before taking them out for a run (spoiler alert, they did not!).

Once I was comfortable, I went out for some training runs, rotating the socks to ensure that they all performed the same. As for the testing conditions, it is HOT here in Ohio right now. All of my training runs during which I wore the socks were in temperatures ranging from the high-70s to the high 80s and varied in distance from 5 to 11 miles.  The combination of the heat and the distance guaranteed that the socks would be subjected to a lot of sweat, as in a LOT of sweat.

As Steigen makes apparel for the multi-sport market, I also tested out the socks while bike riding. My bike rides were typically 10-12 mile rides in temperatures in the high 80s. Yes, it was warm, but very enjoyable.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (but not really).

Here is how Steigen describes their performance socks:

IMG_7751“Athletic or running socks are an accessory for comfort – the less you feel them the better. Steigen running socks are super thin, made of nylon lycra and do not hold a lot of moisture like other socks. They are designed to create an environment in which blisters are less likely to form. They are a superior sock which fits the foot like a second skin.”

OK Steigen, you set the standards, let’s see how your socks stacked up to your own criteria: (1) comfort; (2) super thin; (3) do not hold a lot of moisture; and (4) second skin/no blisters.

Comfort. Holy cow! No exaggeration, when I slipped on the first pair of Steigen socks, I was amazed with just how comfortable they were. Literally these were the most comfortable pair of socks I ever put on my feet. We always say that Casual Runners need to find the products that best fit them and their body types, and the construction of these socks were absolutely perfect for my feet.

Super Thin

When I put on my Saucony Virrata running shoes, I was amazed how different they felt on my feet with the Steigen Performance Socks compared to when I wear my other running socks. The Steigen socks made my shoes feel roomier and my feet slid around just a little bit inside the shoes, in a good way.

I think it is because of the lycra construction, but these socks are super comfortable and really do feel like a second skin. Dang, I guess they really did nail that one.


Yes, these socks are cooler in the heat, which is great for summer running specifically and distance running in general.

IMG_7743Above I told you that I subjected these socks to some warm (i.e. HOT) testing conditions, and at the end of my sessions, my shoes were soaked. Surprisingly, the socks did not appear to be nearly as soaked. The socks did an excellent job of channeling the moisture away from my feet. Keep in mind, when I run, I sweat…a LOT…so any time I can find products that wick moisture away from me is a huge win in my book.  These socks performed beautifully in this respect.

No Blisters.

Nope. None. Nadda. There was not even any rubbing, sores, or irritation. I intentionally did not apply any Body Glide when testing out the socks and seeing how they performed, and it turned out that I did not need any as my feet and ankles were great after the sessions.  Additionally, the socks were high enough on my heel that I did not get any of my infamous bloody ankles/socks, so that is always a victory.


If anyone sees a pair of these anywhere, please let me know…I seem to be missing some!

Again, we always say that Casual Runners need to find the right gear that works for them, and I can tell you that Steigen Performance Socks certainly do work for me. Right now, I am in love with them and am enjoying wearing them on my runs.

As for the socks that disappeared on me, I can tell you that they found a good home and my girlfriend is equally as enthusiastic about running in Steigen Performance Socks. The only problem that I have now is finding a hiding place so that the socks that I managed to hold onto do not also disappear on me!

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here

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Neither Mike nor Casual Runner received any compensation for this review.  The products reviewed herein were provided by the manufacturer for purposes of this review and the opinions are solely those of the author.



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