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Cheers Sunglasses (Product Review)

Cheers Sunglasses: Protecting Your Eyes While Ensuring Access to Proper (and Tasty!) Hydration!

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Cheers sunglasses are really two distinct products in one; depending on your perspective, they are either wearable bottle openers, or sunglasses that aid in “hydration.”

SideCheers sunglasses come in four different models: the Prep, the Outdoorsman, the Hipster, and the Athlete.  Each pair of shades comes with functional bottle openers on the ends of the frames.


Casual Runners need proper and comfortable eye protection. As we’ve reviewed before when we looked at the Waveborn Zumas (though not to be confused with the Zooma Half Marathon or the Zooma 10k), there are great options for runners who need durable, comfortable sunglasses for running during the summer months—one of the best times of the year to go for a run.  Summer is not just for running, though.  Outdoor festivities such as picnics, barbeques, beach trips, or concerts are great leisure activities to pass the time between runs and races.  And, if you plan on, for instance, grilling outdoors after you run and want to enjoy an adult beverage while doing so, you can wear your Cheers sunglasses for both the run and the grilling.  The advantage is in the fact that you can put the sunglasses that you use during a run to good use during the party afterwards.


Cheers sunglasses will appeal to anybody who fits the description of what I’m going to refer to as a “runner slash.”


Runner slash beach bum, runner slash grillmaster, runner slash concert-goer?  All would probably find use for Cheers sunglasses.  But to be honest, the product is catering more to whatever bottle-based social activity you bring your Cheers to than your running.

Where and When?

Ideally, you’ll wear Cheers sunglasses where its two components will be useful: somewhere bright and with bottles to be opened.  The prototypical situation that I envision would be a summer picnic.  While this article is skewing towards the summer examples (because we are in the midst of summer), the sunglasses would prove effective year-round.

Obviously, the sunglasses work for when you plan on doing no exercise or running, but Cheers can also be worn during exercise.  I could see Cheers being useful in two main situations involving exercise and parties.  If you knew that you were attending a more “active” get-together, such as a game of beach volleyball or catch during a barbeque, you could wear Cheers so you have a bottle opener and a pair of sunglasses that you would not worry about breaking.

BackA second likely use would be for the runner trying to squeeze in a morning run before a party.  Instead of wearing one pair of sunglasses for the run and then another to the party, the runner might instead choose to wear Cheers for both and be able to switch from one activity to the next knowing that the shades work for both the exercise and the party afterwards.


The sunglass portion of the product is pretty self-explanatory: you wear them over your eyes.  The bottle-opener portion is the neater feature that bears some explaining.  The ends of the frames each have a functional bottle opener designed into the tips.  To use, you put the top of the sunglasses tip on the top of the cap, and the bottle opening edge underneath the cap.  Then, using the frame as a lever, lift up to pop the cap off and enjoy the drink.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

The key with this product is going in with eyes’ open on what you’ll be getting out of it.  Eye-based humor aside, it is important to know that you’re getting more of a jack of all trades with Cheers as compared to fully dedicated running or exercise sunglasses.  I did not find that they fig as snugly on my face as my other pair of running sunglasses.  As such, I probably would not run a full race in them, as I would want to be completely comfortable for the longer duration it would take me to run a full distance race—after all, the hills and miles will make me uncomfortable enough as it is.

That said, the difference is reflected in the price point.  Cheers sunglasses come in at a fraction of the price as sports sunglasses.  (As of this writing, Cheers are listed at $15 on Amazon compared to $45 for comparable-looking sunglasses from Under Armor or $25-$40 for Nike).  You’re going to be out a lot less money if they broke.  Not that you should expect them to, however.  Despite the price point, the Cheers I received felt very sturdy.  And, after extensive “field testing,” I did not detect that using the bottle opener on the sunglasses affected their comfort, fit, or sturdiness at all.

Therefore, I think this product’s sweet spot is in the “slash” realm.  Is it going to be your first option when trying to decide what shades to wear for your upcoming race?  Maybe, maybe not.  But, are you going to be going to a party where there might be some running/sports being played and you need something to wear?  Grab your Cheers and leave the bottle opener home.

FrontIn sum, Cheers sunglasses are a viable option for sunglasses at an affordable price point that really shine (last pun, I swear) in a party/active setting.  Its dual role as eyewear and bottle opener serves a niche in the wardrobe, and is sturdy enough to hold together despite the price.

This is the latest installment in the Casual Runner Team’s look at products that can help you in your own Casual Running journey. For a look at our other product reviews, just click here

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