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LYNX Sportswear Horizons Capri

LYNX Sportswear Product Review: Hugging the Curves with Horizons Capri

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Although LYNX Sportswear was created to fill a niche in the sports bra market, they have several other products available on their webpage.  In addition to their Racer Back Sports Bra, which I previously reviewed, I also tried their Horizons Capri.  I selected these pants because they looked like they came up a little higher on the waist (because there’s nothing less comfortable than feeling your pants falling down while running) and I liked the detail on the calves.

When I received them, I immediately noticed that the material was some of the softest fabric I have ever felt.  I kind of just wanted to nuzzle my face against them like it was a blankey.  There is a zippered pocket in the waistband on the back and ruching on the calves.    (Editor’s note: the guys on Team Casual Runner have absolutely no idea what “ruching” is, which is yet another why we have to have Jennifer around set us straight). 



I run almost exclusively in capris.  Even when I wear a skirt with attached shorts, I usually have to wear longer capris under them.  I have never had the “thigh gap” that fashion magazines would suggest that women should strive for–even years ago when I was a smaller size.  So I need protection when my thighs inevitably rub together.  I could slather on Body Glide, or I could just wear clothes that will cover the at-risk areas.  Also, no one needs to see the jiggling.  No one.


Much like the bras, these capris seem to be made for girls with curves.  They fit well over my hips and butt and I did not feel like I had to yank the crotch up in order to get the waistband high enough to cover all my girly bits.  Although I am not terribly short, I think these capris might be cut for someone a little taller than me since the pants hit me fairly low on my calves.


The Lynx Sportswear Horizon Capri.


If you don’t know where pants go…but here is the direct link to their website.


In a market that targets tall, skinny, lithe women, it’s nice to have something available that caters to the shorter, curvier girls that’s also attractive and comfortable.


I took these out for a medium-length run…long enough to test them but not so long I could not turn back if something started getting uncomfortable.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

These pants had a lot of great features going for them.  While I worried that the soft material would pill where it rubbed between my thighs, they got through the run with no pilling or distress to the seams.  Between the ruching on the calves and the length of the pants, the legs actually stayed in place for the entire run–they didn’t ride up and bunch behind my knees like many other capris do.  I do not usually use the zippered pockets on waistbands because the extra weight tends to cause my pants or skirts to creep down my butt, but, even with my heavy classic iPod in the pocket, everything stayed on top of my butt shelf and didn’t pull down the pants.  They seemed pretty true to size: I ordered a large and they fit like I expected them to.

There were a few things I didn’t love:  While my iPod fit in the pocket and slipped into place easily, it was a little harder to get it out mid-run.  This probably wouldn’t have been an issue if I had a smaller device and the headphone jack didn’t stick out so much, but anyone with a larger device might have a similar problem.  Also, the wonderfully soft material was a bit warm for me to run in now that temperatures in Maryland have finally risen above freezing.  But, then again, I’ve been running in tank tops since the temps hit the mid-40s so I am probably not the best judge of what feels too hot to a “normal” person, but it is something to keep in mind.

In the end, I decided I like these pants a lot…just not for running (or at least not until fall or winter when the temperatures drop).  Instead, they are perfect for the weekly yoga class I do with my co-workers.  The Horizons Capri moves with my body and is great for stretches, does not creep down my butt, and (probably most important for my co-workers) they do not smell like I’ve been running in them for two years.

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