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Dr. Cool Wraps (Product Review)

Dr. Cool Wraps (Product Review)

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Dr. Cool wraps are billed as on-the-go recovery wraps.  They have something called Cool Core Technology that is supposed to freeze quickly but still remain flexible enough to wrap around an injured area.  The wraps can also be used for compression for sprains and other injuries.


The point is that you can wrap on one of these and go about your day.  Dr. Cool wraps come in three sizes to cover an injury no matter where it’s located.  They also come in a lot of fun colors.


I’d heard about Dr. Cool wraps on an old Mickey Miles Podcast but didn’t get around to ordering one until I needed to add an item to my order to make the minimum purchase amount for free shipping.  You’d be surprised how many random items I get this way…


A wrap in action.

I’ve always had weak wrists and ankles, and a bad back that requires regular chiropractic visits.  My official treatment regimen often consists of “put on a wrap and ice it.”  I hate this regimen mostly because the ice packs are either too cold to tolerate right next to my skin or the cold doesn’t seem to get through the towel I put between my skin and the ice pack.  Plus, balancing the ice pack on the injury pretty much immobilizes me until I can take it off.  So, while I’m icing, my muscles and joints stiffen up in weird positions, almost making me feel more hurt when I start moving again.


Although these are marketed to athletes, I think pretty much everyone has needed to ice and wrap something during the course of their lives.  (Right?  It’s not just that I’m an injury-prone klutz?)  I could see these coming in handy in pretty much any household.


Another wrap in action.


These can be used anywhere.  Each wrap has a Velcro tab and can be attached in any configuration, including to another wrap.  When I visited a Dr. Cool booth at a race expo in January they used two wraps in different sizes to demonstrate how I could ice a tricky spot under my shoulder blade.  They also have a carrying case (which I have never used), so you can freeze a wrap or two in advance of an activity (like a race or a fitness class), put it in your checked bag or car, and use it as soon as you complete the activity.


The wraps are pretty simple to use.  You just wet the cool core side of the wrap, roll it up, freeze for 20 minutes, take it out, and wrap on the injured area.  It took a few times to figure out exactly how wet to make it and how long to let it stay in the freezer (too much water and you’ll leave a trail dripping behind you wherever you go, and too long in the freezer makes it a little difficult to maneuver into exactly the right place on your body).  But after 3 or 4 times, I pretty much figured it out.


That’s a wrap! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).


I had an opportunity to try my Dr. Cool wrap after I hurt my ankle last fall.  My ankle remained swollen for months (literally) and my chiropractor recommended that I continue icing every night and directly after all training runs.  Since immobilizing myself every day wasn’t something I could work into my schedule, I tried my Dr. Cool wrap for the first time.  Since then I’ve used it on my wrist where I’m suffering some lingering stiffness after a surgery, and my forearm where I strained a muscle after too much texting (yeah, that’s a real thing…)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

Spoiler alert: my Dr. Cool wraps are my new favorite pieces of running gear.  Yes, I did have one day where I leaked a puddle of water on my kitchen floor because I got the wrap too wet.  And I had another day where I left it in the freezer too long and it was a bit tough unrolling it and fitting it on my ankle.  But I learned pretty quickly from these mistakes and now have a good routine: I come home from a run, toss the wrap in the freezer, go upstairs to shower and change, and when I come back downstairs it’s ready to go.  You don’t even have to wet the entire wrap if you just need a spot treatment.  And as long as the wrap is wet, it will continue to cool the area even if it’s no longer frozen.

I have two wraps: The small wrap in blue, which is the perfect size for my ankles and wrists.  And the large wrap in pink, which is great for my back.   The wraps are washable and reusable.  I take them with me when I travel, especially since I tend to roll my ankle off of curbs, which can put a damper on a vacation, and even if I don’t have access to a freezer they work for compression and stability.  They are also a mainstay of my post-workout routine (along with a chocolate milk and a banana).

I love these.  They are totally worth the purchase price.

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