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Jennifer is back with her latest installment in her series looking at her e-training program with Jeff Galloway.  For those of you looking at training programs and tips to help you achieve your Casual Running goals, Jennifer’s series may be the key to getting you there. You can check out the earlier installments here:  

November 23rd:

Today I ran the second day of my first back-to-back long runs.  Yesterday I did about 4 miles and today was 16 miles.  Overall, I think it was more successful than I would have thought.  I mean, I’m tired and my hips hurt and I still need to figure out fueling since I was starving by mile 9, but I finished both runs using my intervals the whole way.  I celebrated by stopping at a burger joint on the way home from the trail today.


The Mad Knitter strikes Maryland!

Also, apparently it was so cold this week that even the signs needed a hand-knitted sweater…

December 7th:

Had a nice short run this weekend!  Three miles with no drills or specific paces to hit.  Glorious!  It gave me an opportunity to try out a new running skirt before my 5K and Half next weekend.

December 12th:

So I should have done a training run today before my flight to Atlanta. But I didn’t.  Uh…I couldn’t risk falling in the snow and ice 2 days before the Inaugural Jeff Galloway race weekend…right?  It’s not just that I’m lazy? (Check out Jennifer’s review of Barb’s 5k and the Inaugural Jeff Galloway Half Marathon).

December 23rd:

I’m settling into a new routine since I’m switching offices at work and now have a longer commute.  But I still got to the track on Base to get my run in.  And what did I find? ….


Me and my coach.

…A track COVERED in goose poop!  Ugh!  Isn’t there someone in need of some disciplinary action who they could make clean it?  Or something?  At least I wasn’t doing any additional exercises between my 800 repeats, like some of the other runners at the track…because they not only had to run through the poop, they were laying in it.  Gross!

December 25th:

Sure, it’s Christmas.  But I can almost guarantee the county and school won’t be using the high school track today.  So I have to get my track work in while I can.  It’s a gift to be able to use the track so close to my house.  It’s a Christmas miracle! (Check out Team Casual Runner’s Christmas Lists).

January 16th:

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur.


As long as the future includes Wookies, I’m all in!

On January 7th we departed for the beginning of our all-the-Disney-race-weekends-in-2015 goal.  After completing the 5K and the half marathon at the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, and then the Parks to Paradise Castaway Cay Challenge 5K, we’re now on a plane to Disneyland for Star Wars Weekend.  It also means I’m at the end of my initial 6-month training plan.  I think I’ve gained a lot from Jeff’s coaching.  I’m not a faster runner, which I had hoped to be.  But I am a stronger runner in that I can keep a pace for an entire half marathon without fading at the end.  I’m also more attuned to how it feels to run different paces, rather than running all-out all the time.  And I think my perspective on running has changed slightly, though it’s hard for me to put into words exactly how.  I’m grateful for the patient coaching and support that Jeff has given me over the past 6 months, and I realize that I have a lot more work to do if I want to meet my speed goals.  So I plan to renew my contract as soon as I get home from Disneyland.

Thanks, Jeff, it’s been an interesting ride.  And I look forward to what the future will bring as we continue to work together.

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