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2015 Race Wish List

As 2014 is drawing to a close, the Casual Runner Team is setting their sights on their 2015 race schedules.  As many of you are setting your own training and race goals, we wanted to share some of our thoughts with you.  Hopefully we will be able to meet many of your out on the race courses in 2015!

Race that you will definitely run in 2015

Jennifer: My husband and I have a busy 2015 race schedule; one that many people would consider a bucket-list schedule.  We will be doing every runDisney event weekend in 2015: January’s WDW Marathon Weekend, Parks to Paradise 5K onboard the Disney Dream, and Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend; February’s WDW Princess Half Marathon Weekend; May’s WDW Expedition Everest Challenge and Disneyland’s Tinkerbell Weekend; September’s Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend; and November’s WDW Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, and Disneyland’s Avenger’s Half Marathon Weekend.  Whew!  I’m tired and feeling a cramp in my wallet just writing that! (


Does your 2015 race schedule have you running somewhere tropical?

Nick: Provided I can get in, I plan on running the Chicago Marathon (Chicago, Illinois, Hopefully I can get lucky in the lottery! It’s a great course, tons of support, well organized, world famous, and it’s in my hometown. How much more perfect can it be?

Steve: Holy Half 2015 (South Bend, Indiana,  This is the race that got it all started (or rather, my not running it is what got it all started). Checking this race off will also allow me the chance to return to my alma mater, even though it will be in freezing weather (and yes, South Bend is still freezing cold in March.  Sigh…).  I am already counting down to March 28, 2015.

Mike: The runDisney Dopey Challenge (Orlando, Florida,  I am kind of cheating because this is the only race (or, er, races) that I have signed up for at the time I am writing his.  I love Disney. I love runDisney. The Walt Disney World Marathon was my first marathon ever (and was supposed to be my only one, but lets not dwell on the details). I am excited for the challenge of 4 races in 4 days (5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon). Oh, and did I mention that a few of my running buddies will be coming down to share in the race experience with me?

Favorite race that you want to run again in 2015

Jennifer: I love running local races and there are a lot of good ones to choose from in the DC/Baltimore area.  I think I have to go with the Victoria Gastro Pub Running Festival (  Some of my other favorite races will conflict with my 2015 runDisney race schedule, but if this one takes place in October again I should be able to do it.  I think I’ll jump up to the half marathon, which would be my first trail race.


Bad Pun Intended: there is a Wide World of (Sports!) races to be conquered in 2015.

Nick: I love the B1G Big 10k ( It’s run on the Chicago Lakefront and I get to rep The Ohio State University Buckeyes while doing so. It brings me so much pleasure to pass those *ichigan folks on the course!

Steve: Hilloween Half Marathon (Columbiana, Ohio,  Currently holds my personal record and is not too far away from my house, so the convenience factor is high.  Last time I raced, I managed to place as well, so I earned two SMOs for the price of one. Fast course and a chance at extra bling?  Count me in!

Mike: No question about it: the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon (runDisney. Orlando, Florida, ). Not only do I have a little bit of history with this race (and I REALLY want to redeem myself), but that notwithstanding, I absolutely love it.  Bonus points for it being a nice race and a great end to the fall race season, but it also concludes with an all-night party at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Hopefully this time it won’t rain.

New (to you) Race that you would like to run in 2015

Jennifer: I was so jealous that my husband ran the Army 10 Miler ( without me, though it was fun to be the only spectator holding a “Go Air Force!” sign in the midst of all the Army stuff. But next year, I want to earn that coin myself!

Nick: Does the Chicago Marathon count (see above!)? Because that will be new to me. Forget it, I’m going to count it. If you are going to be picky, I will include the Columbus Marathon (Columbus, Ohio, While I’ve run the half before, I really want to try my hand at the full. It is another very well organized race with great route support and an awesome cause.  Plus, you get to run through Ohio Stadium.


At which starting lines will you be toeing the line in 2015?

Steve: Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (Washington, D.C.  I will take any excuse to pop down to the Nation’s capital.  And to my shame as a Georgetown alum, I have never really seen the cherry blossoms in bloom beyond a brief glimpse driving by going to and from school.  I might as well turn one of my trips into a little runcation.

Mike: Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon (Las Vegas Nevada,  I would most likely opt for the half marathon event over the full so that I can still enjoy myself while in Sin City, but, lets face it, the thought of running the Vegas strip – AT NIGHT – is very appealing. It would help get me towards the 50 state goal, which I have not actually decided to do yet. Oh yeah, and its Vegas Baby!

Pie-in-the sky race if money were no object

Jennifer: The Yellowstone Half Marathon (West Yellowstone, Montana,  I grew up just north of Yellowstone Park and visiting the park was a normal day trip in the summer when school was out.  Now that I’m a Casual Runner, I’d love to run a race here.  Plus, it would give me an excuse to see my dad.

Nick: I would love to do the Honolulu Marathon (Honolulu, Hawaii, With gorgeous views and no time-limit, you are free to stop, take pictures, and enjoy the scenery. It’s not a race for a PR, that’s for sure. Plus: you get to stay in Hawai’i.

Steve: Big Island International Half Marathon (Hilo, Hawaii, This one is picked purely off of the location.  The Big Island is awesome, so I would definitely schedule a nice long runcation bookending the race.  If money were no object, this is probably where I’d fly to race.

Mike: Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon (Sydney, Australia, I spent 5 months living in Sydney while on study abroad in college, and I love everything about this city. The people are fabulous. It is one of the most beautiful modern cities that you will ever see. And the harbor is phenomenal. They also have amazing beer.  I have no idea why this race does not get more buzz as the course looks tremendous.  I just may have to go on walkabout…

That is going to do it for our 2015 race wish lists. What races are on your lists? Will we be seeing you at any of these races?

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    I know how this will sound after being adamant that I would only need to run one half and be done, but given that it is a fun time, I will probably do the Wine and Dine again…Thanks for the incentive, Mike! I know a few others who are interested, so here’s to no rain that night in 2015!

  2. Mike

    Jenny – I warned you that it would be addicting, so glad to hear that you have caught the bug, it will be great to have you back for Wine & Dine 2015. I agree though, I do hope that it is MUCH dryer this year and that no scuba gear will be required to travel the course.

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