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Casual Runner Mailbag – December Edition

Mail Call! And what a last few weeks it has been here at Casual Runner.  It is time for our latest Mail Call! But before we get to that, a quick look back on the last month of the efforts of Team Casual Runner.


It’s a major award…and it must be Italian!

The Casual Runner community is pretty amazing. In the short few months where we have been bringing you our features every week, we have heard from many of you who want to discuss the content we share and to find ways to incorporate our tips and suggestions into your own Casual Running experiences.  As an added bonus, we continue to hear from old and new runners who are looking to begin their own Casual Running adventures, and we are honored that you have asked the CR Team to help you succeed in completing your first miles and in ultimately meeting your goals.  Please keep the notes and messages coming, as we love that so many of you have chosen to share your experiences with us, and want to keep hearing from more of you.

Remember, you can check out any of our past features by using the links in the bottom of the page, or access our entire archives by clicking on the Blog link at the top of the page. We have plenty more coverage coming your way over the next few weeks to finish off 2014 and to welcome in the new year.  To get you more excited, you can look forward to seeing great coverage of runnerversaries, New Year’s resolutions and training plans, and full coverage of upcoming 2015 runDisney events including the Dopey Challenge, the Walt Disney World Marathon, kids races, the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon, and the new Castaway Cay Challenge.

Now, lets turn to your comments:

Many of you particularly enjoyed Mike’s review of the inaugural Christmas Story House 10k as it seemed to evoke your memories of sharing holidays past with Ralphie, Flick, the Old Man, the Bumpus’s dogs, and Ralphie’s quest for a Red Ryder BB Gun and to not shoot his eye out.   This just serves as a reminder that there are many themed races out there, and so we can all find a race that means a lot to us and will enhance our enjoyment of the event experience.

Roxanne from Ohio particularly enjoyed Mike’s 2-part review of the Marine Corps Marathon (Part Two can be found here). She shared why this event is special to her on our Facebook page:

“Congratulations Mike!! I loved reading your story!!! Coming from the wife a former Marine and the mother of a Marine that served in Afghanistan–GOOD JOB!!!”

Thank you Roxanne, we love hearing from our readers, especially when our features mean a lot to them as the Marine Corps Marathon obviously does to you. On behalf of our entire Casual Runner Team, please thank your husband and your son for their service.


Best race event host ever?

Paul from Virginia offered is support in response to our review of runDisney’s 2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon: “Way to go Mike!”

This coverage was particularly popular amongst our readers, as Staccie from Boardman, Ohio, via Facebook, offered her thoughts on the challenges that Mike faced  when he sustained an injury in the middle of the race:

“Call me crazy my friend but I think this is your “perfect” race!! In this race you faced your greatest challenges this far with the rain and the pain and yet you persevered and overcame the challenges to complete something that was very important to you. A race where everything went as planned with no obstacles may be more enjoyable but this race is perfect!!”

Thank you Staccie, it is good to be reminded that, while we all have personal expectations, goals, and challenges, the victory is in toeing the line and enjoying ourselves. You really do understand what Casual Running is all about, thank you!

Here are a few from the Twitterverse:

Tom Bell is the host of The Dis Unplugged, Disneyland Edition, and his podcast has been a big help to the CR team as we plan our California running adventures.  We love his line “Disney is always more magical when its shared,” so much that we have given him a well-deserved few shout-outs in our features, including in our list of the Top 10 Things You Need to Know to select a runDisney event. Tom Bell thanked us via Twitter: “Shout-outs are more magical when their shared as well. 🙂 Thanks!” Our pleasure Tom, keep up the great work.

As readers of Casual Runner, you know that Jennifer really enjoyed Victoria Gastro Pub’s inaugural 10k, and the Victoria Gastro Pub reached out to us via Twitter: “We hope that you can join us every year;)”  Don’t worry, we are pretty sure that she is hooked and you will be seeing her again soon.

Donna from Akron, Ohio, who is admittedly not a runner, reached out to us via email:

“I ran across your website and decided to say hi. I enjoyed reading over your website and enjoyed the humor you displayed in describing your race experience from start to finish.  Best of luck to you and so glad to hear/read that you are doing well. Good luck in future races. Take care.”

Thank you Donna! We are always happy to hear from runners and non-runners alike, as all of us Casual Runners were non-runners at one point before we decided to run our first miles.

That is going to do it for today as we close another edition of the Casual Running Mailbag, but don’t worry, we have plenty left in store for you to finish 2014 with a bang, and to kick off 2015 bigger and better than ever!

As always, the Casual Runner Team wants to hear from you. If you have any questions about anything we cover here on Casual Runner, if you have any questions regarding running gear or training for your own Casual Running needs, or if there is anything that you would like us to cover on Casual Runner, please leave a comment or email us using the links below.  To ensure that you do not miss all of the great content from Casual Runner, please be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  See you out on the running trails!



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