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6 Months with Jeff Galloway(Part 3)

If you’ve been following along, you already know that Part 2 covered the second month of my coaching program through the 2014 Navy/Air Force Half Marathon (You can also catch up on my first part of this series).   I was pretty optimistic going into the third and fourth months of my program, but it turned out to not be as successful as I’d hoped.  Though by the end I think I started getting back on track.


A mural near the mid-point of my long run. The trail runs along an old railway, and this used to be a station.

September 27th:

It’s been a pretty uneventful since the Navy/Air Force half.  I got in some of my weekday short runs, but they were pretty unremarkable.  Today was another long, slow 15-miler.  As opposed to my last 15-miler, where I met some goals and finally ran a trail I’d been wanting to do, this run was less successful.  I turned the other direction on my normal trail to do these miles, and while I was excited by the fact I made it to a section of the trail I haven’t seen in 6 years and that I’ve never reached on foot (we usually ride bikes when going down that far on this trail), it wasn’t a great run for me.  I could not slow down at the beginning, so my pace for the first few miles was way too fast.  That of course tired me out for the long, steady hills I had to conquer on the way back, where my splits were over a minute too slow.  And by the time I got home I was hurting.  I did finish, so that’s something.  But it wasn’t a good experience.

October 3rd:

I’ve been working long hours at work, so I took advantage of a quiet Friday to leave before noon and head to the local track to get my long-run weekend assignment of 800s in.  I had a hard time meeting the goal times, mostly because I was going too fast.  It was nice that the track was relatively empty except for some random photography class, which made me a little nervous because I did not want my sweaty mess captured on film!


SMOs: Gratuitous shot of my Baltimore half and Maryland Double medals.

October 24th:

This has been a relatively uninteresting training month…hence the gap in entries.  Mostly I was in maintenance mode.  I had a few good Magic Miles and made progress with being consistent on my 800s.  I ran the Baltimore half and I have the Bridge Run in a few weeks.  I’ve now completed about half of my training program and I think I’ve made progress overall but I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be by January.

October 27th :

I guess I spoke too soon about this being an uninteresting training month.  While running my 800s yesterday I tripped on something hiding under leaves at the edge of the track, spraining my ankle pretty badly.  ARGH!  So I’m stuck at home icing and resting my foot.  And thinking crazy thoughts about doing the Monster Dash 5k on crutches on Friday…


Injuries suck.

November 5th:

Off crutches and almost walking like a normal person again!  Did almost 2 miles today for the first time since my injury.  Focused on walking, but I worked in about 15 minutes of various intervals so I could test my foot.  The first few intervals felt weird but didn’t hurt, then I was able to settle into a gait that felt pretty good.  I probably won’t be doing any running in my 10K this weekend, but it felt good just to test it out.

November 9th:

Completed the Across the Bridge 10K today!  I walked the first 2 miles and then did gentle 10/30 intervals for the rest.  Although I wasn’t watching the clock, my running pace came in at right about 13:00 min/mile.  I felt good on this run and remembered why I enjoy running!

November 15th:

I completed a full week of post-injury training and it went pretty well overall.  I was able to hit my weeknight 800 time goals almost perfectly on Tuesday.  On Thursday I did my first Magic Mile in over a month and it was pretty consistent with where I was.  And although I didn’t hit all of my time goals for my weekend 8×800 repeats, I came very close and I managed to compete about 8 miles of mileage without further injury.  It was a pretty good week.

Looking ahead:

I have about 2 months left of training before I jump into my year of runDisney races in mid-January.  With the exception of the Inaugural Jeff Galloway 13.1 and Barb’s 5K in mid-December, I don’t have any major races scheduled until then.  I might do some Turkey Trots or other holiday runs for fun, but I’m not registered for anything right now.  So the next 2 months will be focused on hitting training goals.  I’ll be starting back-to-back long-runs next weekend and that will be the major feature of the last part of my coaching.  I’m not as far along as I’d hoped to be, but I’ve definitely made progress over where I was when I started and I’m no longer on the backward path I was on before I signed up for Jeff’s coaching.

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