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The Casual Runner Mailbag – October Edition

Mail Call! And what a last month it has been here at Casual Runner.


Its a great time of year to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Remember, you can check out any of our past features by using the links in the bottom left of the page, or access our entire archives by clicking on the Blog link at the top of the page.  We have plenty more coverage coming your way over the next few weeks.  We will be bringing you coverage of the Marine Corps Marathon, the next runDisney event from Florida, help you prepare for training during the colder weather, and more installments in our series to help get you going. But now, it is time to turn Casual Runner over to you, the readers, and see what you had to say.

Jenny from Baltimore, in response to Mike’s Race Review of the 2014 runDisney Dumbo Double Dare & Coast to Coast Challenge (Part One), shared with us:

“Even though I’m terrible at following a training schedule, thanks to Jeff Galloway’s schedule on the runDisney site and some non-structured run-walk intervals I realized that approach actually makes me faster. I stopped worrying about running the entire 13.1 miles when I realized I could be faster if I walked a little!”


Let the leaves pile up, not your excuses for not getting out and logging some miles.

Thanks for sharing, Jenny. This is an important lesson for all of us Casual Runners. When setting out to run a longer distance, we cannot do it all at once. It is important for everyone to pick a training plan that they are comfortable with, and trust that the plan will gradually work us up to our goal distance.  Good luck with your half marathon training, and please let us know how it goes.

Mike’s feature on banning music and earbuds during certain race events sparked some discussions.

Leeann from Pennsylvania, got right to the point via Facebook and said “How rude! Mike, you are doing a great job and I enjoy reading every blog!” Mike agrees, others? Not so much.

Kari from New Hampshire added: “When I did the army 10 miler a few years ago I think they also had no ear buds and no cell phones in the fine print. Everyone seemed to ignore the rules and had them anyway. I don’t run out side with music so for me it’s not a big deal either way.”

Steph from New Jersey shared her own experiences:

“Hood to Coast bans earbuds as well. I was resentful, but there’s a big difference between a race on a closed road and one that still has cars coming up behind the runners. You’re not NOT allowed music – just earbuds or headphones. Runners had a bunch of creative solutions – one had a set of portable speakers that strapped on her shoulder; another team took the opposite approach and mounted full-size speakers on the roof of their van, hooked to their CD player. Also…running my second leg with the sun just starting to come up? Hearing nothing but my own footsteps was actually kind of nice.”

Carly 3

Our readers responded positively to our Guest Contributors, and we plan on bringing you more great stories from your fellow Casual Runners.

We have a feeling that this conversation is just beginning, as there are many valid viewpoints on both sides. Please share with us your thoughts on this subject and we will continue to keep an eye on any trends from race directors.

The Casual Runner community came out to support our Guest Contributors. In response to Allison’s story of her own First Mile, Alexis offered her support: “Yay Allison!! You go girl!!”

Mill Creek Metroparks wanted Steve to know that he had their support after running a half marathon through the scenic park roads: “Hi Steve! We love your write-up of our Green Cathedral race.”

A lot of you enjoyed Carly’s story of her dream to one day be a runDisney Princess, and that includes our team. Steve, having just completed his first half marathon, offered this: “Congrats Carly! You’ll love the feeling of crossing the finish line at your first half!”

Jennifer offered Carly her own encouragement: “You’ll love being a runDisney princess, Carly! And I look forward to seeing you at a future race!”


Jennifer, with her husband, proving that “the costuming” will forever be in their favor…even if the puns aren’t!

Speaking of Jennifer, we all know that she is the queen of creativity when it comes to race costumes and outfits. But our readers do not seem content to let it end there, some want Mike to get in on the costuming game as well.

On Facebook, Susan encouraged Mike to get in the spirit of Halloween (and Christmas) and explore festive costume ideas. Tammy from North Carolina, in homage to the many cameos his nephews have made on Casual Runner, encouraged Mike to dress up as Donald Duck.

We asked Mike, and he informs us that the jury is still out on if and when he will costume up for a race. But rest assured, Jennifer has many more fun costume ideas in store for you.


With that, we close this month’s Casual Runner Mailbag. Thank you to all of our readers for your comments and feedback.  Hearing from you helps us continue to refine and grow Casual Runner and deliver the content that you want to see.  Rest assured, we will get to more reader mail next month.  In the meantime, if you have any questions that our Team can help you with, or if you have any comments or stories of your own to share, please let us know via our comment section, email, Facebook, or Twitter, using the links below. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you receive all of the updates on our latest content, and check us out on YouTube and subscribe to our channel.

Before we say goodbye for today, we are aware that fall race season is still in full swing and many of you are getting ready to toe the line at race events. When you do, remember that the entire Casual Runner Team and community is behind you and supports you every step of the way.  Good luck, go out there and do your best, and enjoy every moment as you log your own personal records!  See you on the running trails.



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